Slight role modifications (Sorting Hat Handouts):

The Philosopher’s Stone (Year 1): At the start of year 1, the sorting hat will give the philosopher stone to 1 player. This player cannot be Slytherin, cannot be selected for slytherin on N1 and is bulletproof N1. The holder of the philosopher stone will be informed on N1.

The sword of Gryffindor (Year 2): At the start of year 2, the sorting hat will give the sword of griffindor to 1 player. This player must be in Gryffindor, must be selected for Gryffindor on N2 and is PGO N2. The holder of the sword of Gryffindor is not informed that they have the sword unless they are targetted.

The Time Turner (Year 3): At the start of year 3, the sorting hat will give the time turner necklace to 1 player. This player must turn back time to save 1 player who died N3.

Dementors (Year 3): In addition to the Slytherin KP, the sorting hat will also assign 1 KP N3.

The Goblet Of Fire (Year 4): The Sorting Hat will submit 4 names to the Goblet of Fire, these players will be the only players eligible for TK this day. At least 1 of the submitted players must be Slytherin.

Dolores Umbridge (Year 5): The Sorting Hat may submit a day-vig shot, this immediately ends the day.

TLDR from the other threads:

Players switch alignments
KP is selected by the newly selected Slytherin team
Once a player reaches 3 positive outcomes, they exit the game with a victory
If the last Slytherin player exits the game with a victory, Slytherin (and the sorting hat) win.

No-TK is allowed, but is counted as a positive outcome for Slytherin.

Win condition:

  1. Students will win if the house which they were last in upon leaving the game is victorious. Hufflepuff, Grinffindor and Ravenclaw all win if all Slytherin players and the sorting hat is eliminated.
    If the sorting hat is eliminated, all students will remain in their current houses for the remainder of the game.
  2. Every student also has an alternate victory condition: If a student has the correct outcome (TK the opposite faction) a total of 3 times throughout the game, they will exit the game with a victory. If this student is the last Slytherin player, Slytherin will win as a team.

i had so much fun in the last rendition of this so I have to play again

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overloaded atm, i’ll be back for HSWW Revolutions


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My brain is too small to understand this setup unless hydra is permitted.

I could allow a hydra if you’re not comfortable playing the set up otherwise.

@dunya do you understand this game? I skimmed 400 posts from prev and still have no idea what is going on.

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