Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry Mafia 12+

Alright, time to necro some old themes for mid-large mafia games.

This is going to be an OPEN set up. I will give out the set up information before the start of the game (designed based on the player count).

Please, take a seat in the great hall and wait to be sorted into your houses.

Fast Nights will be available upon unanimous vote.

As always, in attempt to make role-heavy games open-safe, I’ve come up with some… Interesting mafia mechanics. Here is the base set up (town roles to be balanced and made open before rolling based on player count):

Set up is for 12-16 players.

Each day represents 1 year. The players represent a collection of new students being admitted to Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry. Each year the players take the form of a year 1 student, thus begin the day by being sorted into their houses.

The sorting hat may place students in the houses: Griffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin. A mandatory count of exactly 2-3 students must be placed in Slytherin (depending on player count). These players represent the mafia team. Each of the other houses may contain any amount or no students. All students must be assigned to a house.

What this means for gameplay? There is one constant scum player, for everyone else the situation is a constant day 1.

Once a scum has been caught, the sorting hat must assign 1 fewer players to Slytherin per day. If the total mafia count is below 2, the sorting hat is added to the current scum chat and the team may no longer be modified.

Players win the game with the alignment they had when they were lynched or the alignment which they finished the game with.

Initial set up:

1 mafia
11-15 townies

Mafia roles: Sorting Hat
Before the start of each day, the Sorting Hat must assign the players to their houses and by doing so, appointment the mafia team.

Everytime a mafia player is lynched, the sorting hat’s ability to appoint mafia is reduced by 1, if the quantity of mafia is 2 or less, the mafia team can no longer be changed and the sorting hat will be added to the mafia chat.

I know that role changing typically doesn’t work, but this came to me as an interesting way to test day 1 reads and sniper reads (for lynching the sorting hat).

You’re a Harry, wizard

Does submitting an action as a PR cpunt as a vote for fast nights?

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Ok, I have an interesting mechanic to use for this game. Let’s get some signups @players. I’ve finally hammered down the basic premise.

It’s going to be a bit of a different style of mafia game, updating the OP with details shortly.

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Do you mind if I slytherin?

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No, not all.

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