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You don’t have to start your own thread for most things! Use this instead!

Any suggestions, questions, comments, insights, and problems are welcome.

How do I get at my own account to make changes?

Click the “S” in the circle at the top right corner of the page. Then click the cog symbol. That will take you to your profile settings. There’s a list of sub-settings on the left side of the profile settings page. You can tour all the stuff you’re able to change for yourself there.

The “S” will become your avatar picture once you have one.

Thank you!

We need nacho mamma on this site

As well as several veterans
Like Tammy

Eventually we will need badges that can show up on our profile, like mafiascum scummies

Currently badges are only limited to people viewing their profile. Eventually should make them visible on every post

You know, just for some people to show off their e peen

Nice site! :grin:

Thank you! Welcome!

Suggestion: Add a comment section in our profiles so visitors can drop a message. (As I just checked a person’s profile and wanted to say hi) Also maybe have a ‘last person to view your profile’ thing as well.

Suggestion: A built in field for wiki-game related information. I have been messing with GIF’s stolen template and messed up a few links here and there. Having an easier way to input all that information for others to see, would be awesome. Or easier ways to implement those templates.

Suggestion: PT threads for ourselves so we may brain dump our thoughts in so we don’t clutter game threads with our thoughts.

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This exists! You can send a pm to just yourself.

Not quite sure what you mean by “wiki-game” and what templates you’re talking about.

He means the UberNinja user profile/user game templates, which GIF modified somewhat.

I also don’t know those are!

Fair, I will just PM myself and the mod so they can see my thoughts. Wiki-game as in, meta history, game history. So that people can dig up game history and making it easier to have the information setup. Example: Click TN’s link below, template. Then realize I copied it, and messed up. Need an easier method.

It’s a wiki template for showing a large number of games in a relatively small space, while having as many details as possible.


UN theme in action

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We have no plans at present to support a publicly editable off-forum wiki.

An option that exists is for us to make a category that doesn’t get mapped to “latest post” where every user can have their own topics to do whatever they want in. It’s possible to provide templates for those. If that sounds like it still achieves what you want we can about setting it up.

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That sounds good, I would like that. I think it would achieve what we want, yes.

On a related note: we will be improving our existing Game Database to make filtering by various things easier - and to eventually just have a real UI - you already can see some relevant stats there though.

R19 op

Make a chess category. That way we can post all about chess and make topics about it. W00t.