My playstyle is about gaining an understanding of other’s players mindsets, and making reads based on interacting with them. Usually, I tend to make myself an Island that players must all stop by before posting.

Lately I have been trying to still post actively, yet letting the thread breathe and help others be able to read the game smoothly. I also have been trying to be more relaxed when giving reads, that way I wouldn’t lag myself with having to write up reasons and instead just re-order how I feel about them in my head.

Things you might not like about me:

I think I come off as naive to others. I think I consider myself an idealist, so I can see why some may see me that way. If I have a problem with your play in-game, I will push you for it. I can be wordy at times. I like keeping my posts neat. If in a non-serious game I like to fluff / socialize in the middle of the game. I like the idea of being half serious and half fun but when it comes to serious games I am all serious. Generally, I do tend to try my best every game I can, as I believe I won’t evolve if I half-ass things.


I enjoy playing as Mason. My favorite alignment is town. I like the thrill of finding mafia, and the freedom of being town and ignorant to other’s alignments. I realize my DnD alignment runs counter to this, as I’m a true neutral bard, who enjoys lying and using charisma. I simply know that if I’m mafia, I’m already guilty in my head, and therefore cannot genuinely post as I can as town.

If you want to catch me:

Generally, if you want to catch me in a mafia game, let me know. Be aware that I do try to stick to few games as possible, so I may maximize my effectiveness. Sometimes, games come up that I really want to play and are the exception to my rule. So for the summer, I am primarily booked already. Yet after that, I should be free.

As you can see, I’m wordy. Yet, my posts don’t get this big, lucky for you.