General Feedback

This topic is for any feedback that isn’t a question, a suggestion, or a bug report.

I think we need more players

I like that this site doesn’t have ostentatious jargon like “multitabling” and “wagonomics”

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A less snarky response to the userbase comment:

We’re working on it in the capacity that we can, both in terms of tech (SEO and ads) and on the ground.

The most helpful thing any individual member that wants more people here can do is to help spread the word and be welcoming to anyone new. :slight_smile:

I don’t think I’ve ever heard those words before.

Wagonomics is real bro

I use color coded wagonomics sometimes - its solid scumhunting and only comes out when im actively confused as to who the scum is

I always just called that wagon analysis. :stuck_out_tongue:

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now that you have #2 etc as links - the votecount posts are slightly screwed

Votecount as of post #11

Not Voting (3): GTacc, NotMafia, DS

nvm ignore me it works idk what was happening before

hey DS as some general feedback this is the wrong thread to report a problem

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The inconsistency with the reply button kind of bothers me. I think it should fill in a quote every time you hit it, or, preferably, none of the time you hit it.

Maybe a separate reply and reply with quote buttons, but that might be crowding.

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Idk if that belongs here or suggestions but here we are :woman_shrugging:

the intention is that it autogenerates when the post in question is far enough that it helps to see the context of the convo. (i.e. i’m super against quoting the post you literally are just replying to).

I get the intention, I don’t think having the reply with quote functionality is bad, but the inconsistency of sometimes including a quote and sometimes not bothers me.

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Eh I feel you - I do think we need to educate people about when and when they shouldn’t be quoting because people weren’t quoting enough when referring to posts that happened a while ago.


I’ll let it go on and see how it is. The inconsistency is intentional in that it reflects the desired behavior. (When the quote appears I feel you should be quoting, when it doesn’t you shouldn’t).

Like I think the old behavior encouraged poor habits more often than it encouraged good ones and this one is the opposite?