All Town Mafia - Day 3

All Town Mafia


Game Stuff - Please Read!

  1. I have no idea whether this game will be balanced (or fun to play). Apologies in advance.
  2. Everyone in this game has the same win condition: to eliminate all threats to the town.
  3. I will not lie this game. However, be wary about making assumptions - things may not always be exactly what they seem.
  4. There are exactly two random mechanics used by roles in this game. This does not include things like role distribution, obviously.
  5. Day One will last 96h and every other day will last 72h. Nights will be 24h.
  6. Hammer and plurality rules are in effect. A tie at deadline will result in no lynch.
  7. Players may continue posting after they die.
  8. There will be no night kills on Night Zero.


All Town Mafia: D1, N1, D2, N2, D3, N3, D4, Game Over

Day One starts now! Deadline is 2019-06-27T18:00:00Z.
Remember that everyone here is town. You’re all in it together.

Votecount as of post #1

Not Voting (9): Cantripmancer, Ellibereth, Tier, chesskid3, StarV, Andresvmb, GTacc, Nanook, ActionDan



VOTE: No lynch

Okay guys we need to big brain this


I have N0 information that there are two werewolves alive. FYI.

I had to target someone N0 but idk what it did

Ellibereth got HIV test positive

I targeted someone N0.

No idea what it did

Games like this are the reason why this forum has 8% scum win… There is no scum

I also had to target someone N0. Not entirely sure what it did but I got back that there were two werewolves alive :woman_shrugging:

VOTE: Urist

either this or no lynch

What did your results say? AD and elli

I don’t think its that easy

I targeted someone and got a negative result