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All Town Mafia

Cantripmancer - Cop - Parasite Host
Ellibereth - Sleep Therapist - Town
Tier - Role Cop - Town
chesskid3 - Cop - Town
StarV - Seer - Sleeper Agent
Andresvmb - Seer - Deep Agent
GTacc - Paladin - Beta Werewolf
Nanook - Oracle - Alpha Werewolf
ActionDan - Listener - Town

9p, 4 town, 2 wolf, 2 sleeper, 1 parasite

See whether someone is town - Paladin x1
See whether someone is sleeper - Cop x2
See whether someone is wolf - Seer x2
Role Cop
Sleep Therapist - protects the person, or blocks the kill if he targets a wolf

P/C/S get results in the format “{Positive, Negative} result on X”.
Listener gets the same result as his target.
Role Cop learns his target’s role but not alignment.

Oracle gets one of the following results:
If targeting nontown:

  • How many town are alive
  • Parasite role
  • Parasite losecon
    If targeting nonsleeper:
  • How many sleepers are alive
  • Deep Agent role
  • sleeper losecon
    If targeting nonwolf:
  • How many wolves are alive
  • Alpha role
  • Wolf losecon

Town losecon: The town loses if there are no townspeople remaining.

Parasite losecon: The town loses if the parasite changes hosts twice.
The Parasite Host has a special role: If killed in any way, the Parasite will randomly choose a new host from the remaining townsfolk. You die immediately if everyone else is town.

Sleeper Agent losecon: The town loses if two full phases pass without a sleeper being killed.
The Deep Agent has a special role: Investigations on him return a town result. Also, if he would be killed, the kill is redirected to his partner (the original action still affects him).

Wolf losecon: The town loses if both sleepers are dead while both wolves live, or if the wolves kill three town.
The Alpha Wolf has a special role: His target dies. If you target your wolf buddy, he becomes the new Alpha and his target dies instead. If you target each other, nothing happens.

You are town. You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.
Each night you may target a player. Please confirm by submitting your night zero action now.

The game thread is here: All Town Mafia - Day 3

@Cantripmancer - Cop - Parasite Host - targets ActionDan
@Ellibereth - Sleep Therapist - Town - targets Tier
@Tier - Role Cop - Town - targets Tier
@chesskid3 - Cop - Town - targets Ellibereth
@StarV - Seer - Sleeper Agent - targets StarV
@Andresvmb - Seer - Deep Agent - targets chesskid3
@GTacc - Paladin - Beta Werewolf - targets Ellibereth
@Nanook - Oracle - Alpha Werewolf - targets chesskid3
@ActionDan - Listener - Town - targets Ellibereth

@Cantripmancer - Cop - Parasite Host - targets Cantripmancer
@Ellibereth - Sleep Therapist - Town - targets Ellibereth
@Tier - Role Cop - Town - targets StarV
@chesskid3 - Cop - Town - targets chesskid3
@StarV - Seer - Sleeper Agent - targets Tier
@Andresvmb - Seer - Deep Agent - targets Andresvmb
@GTacc - Paladin - Beta Werewolf - targets GTacc
@Nanook - Oracle - Alpha Werewolf - targets StarV
@ActionDan - Listener - Town - targets StarV

This is a fun setup

Regret outting?

EDIT: also thanks :slight_smile:

nah length of the phases still not my bag baby

there were things during the first two days that i was going to comment on but i forget what they were now

@Cantripmancer - Cop - Parasite Host - targets Ellibereth
@Ellibereth - Sleep Therapist - Town - targets GTacc
@Tier - Role Cop - Town - targets Ellibereth
@chesskid3 - Cop - Town - targets nobody
@Andresvmb - Seer - Deep Agent - targets Tier
@GTacc - Paladin - Beta Werewolf - targets Tier
@ActionDan - Listener - Town - targets Tier