9p Mountainous (1, 5)

M2H: Mafia, Goon
tn5421: Town, Vanilla
StarV: Town, Vanilla
Killthestory: Town, Vanilla
DS: Town, Vanilla
Nanook: Town, Vanilla
Andresvmb: Mafia, Goon
Tommy2Hands: Town, Vanilla
ActionDan: Town, Vanilla



9 Alive = 5 to lynch
Players with most votes at deadline dies, Mafia breaks ties.
Deadline: 2019-08-09T19:00:00Z

Ranked Info Topic: How does Ranked work?

Tommy are you gonna be a dipshit again or are you going to actually play this game?

Friendly reminder.

VOTE: Tn5421

VOTE: tn5421

Not speedlynching

My bad.

I’ll rephrase. Tommy, are you going to actually play this game or are you going to try and bully and bluster your way through it again?


Speed killing is all the rage doncha know

Didn’t work for us in the 5p game

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ngl im kinda looking forward to the day we can blacklist tommy from ranked games



nobody even suggested anything about speedlynching

VOTE: Tn5421

Not sure why you guys hate me so much. Seems like everyone else loves me.

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i mean just dont troll please

If you guys keep telling me to do one thing, I’m going to want to do the opposite. I like you guys so I won’t β€œβ€β€œtroll”"" anymore.