What are your favorite open or semi-open setups?

We’re thinking about having the most popular setups basically always be in signups.

I like white flag but I’m not sure how popular it is.

If you like someone’s suggestion like their post! It’s an easy way for us to keep track of things.

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I’m rather fond of matrix6: https://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Matrix6.

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I think @Alisae and @beeboy have mentioned they are fans of Cop 13-er.

(9 VT, 1 Cop, 3 Goon - Cop gets a random town check N0).

^^^Pretty sure the setup is this? Correct me if I’m wrong!

yep thats the setup.
Matrix6 is terrible imo there was a reason it was scrapped.
Personally I’m a fan of Mountainous 10v3

I also played this on MU once
17p Rolecop (can’t remember if it was 2-shot or not probably wasn’t) and goons vs Odd-Night Vig + Even-Day Dayvig and VTs

also um I like D6

Isn’t this a little under 80% win for scum with random lynches? Do you like it a lot more than white flag or just small preference?

White Flag is personally cool I like Mountainous and Cop 13ers and stuff mostly because its about scumhunting and technical play not actions and shit like its testing how well you can hunt for wolves and stuff

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Can you edit in a description of what this is? I have no clue haha.


Basically what ali said.

@Mathdino told me that Pick Your Power is the most popular open setup at MS.


PYP and C9++ are two of the more fun open setups.

Mafia and Masons is also a fun F2F setup, never played in a forum format so not sure how popular it is on MS.

There is also a fun nightless open setup with 4 masons, 4 VT and 4 mafia, where the mafia each have a shot each day where if they shoot a mason, the mason dies, but if they shoot a VT, they die.