Upperclass Twit of the Year Mafia [Game over, town win!]

Hello, and welcome to the silliest game of mafia in the last, like, day, at least. The game has started and is in Night 0, which means no posting in the thread.

Game will kick off properly with Day 1 starting at approximately June 11, 2018 5:00 PM

Catspurr: Lynched D2; SCUM
MetalSonic: Lynched D1; SCUM
Urist: Night Killed N1; TOWN

Lynches are determined by plurality of votes at the end of the day.

Days will last approximately 3 calendar days. Nights will last approximately 24 hours.

A reminder of the rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pK0AqEgCElnhr5wbjeRbJjMUSRdOVD9b5v8rzxv3gzk/edit?usp=sharing

Day one has begun! The day will probably last until about June 14, 2018 6:00 PM


Mod, can I please have a sub?

Salami subs are my favourite, but I’d settle for anything with mustard on it.

How do I place a vote?

VOTE: urist like this!


VOTE: Urist
join the party

I thought about salami yesterday.

Somebody please put me at L-1. I learned yesterday that Odin became a superhero when he hanged himself from the worldtree, I wanna see if I can do the same thing.

Wow, You are a true Twit. Monty would be so proud of you.
Are yo a jester as well?

I don’t think the Jester will be in here, it’s Monty Python themed not Batman themed???

Jester is a Mafia Role that wins by getting themselves lynch on a particular day of the game.
You could be a Day One Jester and you win by getting yourself lynched.

If you do not have a jester role why are you trying to get yourself lynched day one?
It is not something I have ever seen scum do on day one.
Not that I remember anyway, and I think I would remember that.

And if you are town it certainly is not helping your town team mates win the game.

Wow, that seems very powerful. The Batman role would have to be very strong to balance that out.

Guys, you should help me lynch myself so I have the power to defeat the Jester!

Let’s stick to this game.
Are you deliberatly trying to get lynched?
If so why?


L m a o I already love this game

Elli is scum btw