Triple Tickle Game Thread (Day 4)

No I know. No Killer claims Specialist here.

So what point were you trying to make

Just… condescend me for making a bad decision?

You just called yourself the best player ever. I was just pursuing the facts.

I am the best player ever

I’m trying to figure out if executing Phone even makes sense today. This is not a traditional game where if the Killers attain parity, the Town loses. I think the Killers, particularly whoever is trumped by the Advisor, now have a massive incentive to have this day end with an Advisor execution and a mechanically small chance of being stopped by the Specialist.

VOTE: YoubutWorse

Also Luft is Town. If you all execute there I’m going to be ashamed.

Spak is another good guess for Killer.

This is a weird game with some interesting dynamics. It’s tough to figure out the optimal move here.

If we miss here, execute VT, and the Specialist is shot, we would have 3 VT, 3 Killers. The one Killer trumped by the Advisor has an incentive tomorrow to Town-side and execute there, if there are no other alternatives. And I’m in favor of leaving some uncertainty regarding the true Specialist tonight.

I don’t know if I’m making sense. Somebody talk to me.

If we miss here game’s over. We cannot win unless killer kills the other

This is just plainly not true.

3v3 is literally a loss

Uhm, no.

yes… even if Town votes out killer then killer has to kill a killer buddy… which is what I said

I’m going to leave that question open for now.

Ok you’re awful at this

I’m not spec, but Phone is almost 100% scum.

Sure, I’m awful.


It isnt really a 3v3 at the point more like 1v1v1v3 since the killers are against eachother

I see where you’re coming from with this which is good since that helps me townread u or something, but I still think executing a killer is better than executing a potential VT. if we ML then we would have to spend another day exeing phone

KNEW that spec claim was BS from the moment I saw it
until they claimed they rbd
but yeah I agree