Triple Tickle Game Thread (Day 4)

Days are 48 Hours and Nights are 24.
I may not always be there at the time day ends so keep that in mind.



If a Tie vote occurs, I think Seth should:
  • Randomize the Tickle
  • Have No One be Tickled
  • Tickle the first wagon formation
  • Have both players rock paper scissors

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Day 1 Start.

With 9 Alive, it takes 5 to Tickle!

Hi. So this is my first game here, but I’m experienced with Discord and Forum Mafia. I wonder how reading will go in this game tho as there isn’t rlly a mafia team, so interactions might be hard to read, but I’ll see

Can I see the playerlist somewhere? Not that I’d know anyone except for 1 person probably, but having the playerlist on hand will be useful during the game lol

Hey all, this is Spak! I’ve played a couple places (primarily on DGames, a subforum of SmashBoards), but I’ve only been in like one game over the past half-year or so. Don’t recognize anyone so I’ll just… Uhhhh…

Vote: Luftwaffle

The German air force breakfast is kinda sus lol

For those who are new to this site, use the judge hammer button tool to vote.

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VOTE: GoldenGirl


Hi! My name is Samantha (Sam) and I’m new to the site, but I’ve been around mafia for about a year now! I’m excited because this is my first real forum game off of discord :smiley:

VOTE: Phone0Ix


VOTE: Luftwaffle

Nice. And yeah, I look forward to playing with y’all, too! Welcome to forum mafia, Sam!

Tickle Count


Phone0Ix (-) GoldenGirl (1)
GoldenGirl (-) Phone0Ix (1)
LuftWaffle (-) Spak (1)

Thanks for the welcome! What’s your alignment :>

No u

Town, how about you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Town but Better :stuck_out_tongue:


So, evil?

No? Just Good Town :>


Nice, well that clears at least two of us xD How about you, Phone?

I’m also a townie