The Supreme Court!

Hey welcome to the hallowed halls of justice!

We have:
@Andresvmb - Brett Kavanaugh
@StarV - Ruth Bader Ginsburg

This PT will be open in the Pregame, and at Night. Each Night, I will present to you all the cases that have reached the Supreme court. Before the end of night, you will need to vote on them.

There are currently an even number of you and we don’t like ties, so it requires a majority of the votes cast to strike down an appealed law. I.e. if you split your votes, the law stands.

See you night one!

There is one piece of legislation for you to deliberate on an render a ruling!

Trump vs. The Internal Revenue Service

The lower court ruling is that Trump must surrender his tax returns to the appropriate authorities as part of ongoing investigations. You can choose to overrule that and declare that his tax returns are privileged and protected as he is the President.

You should do this.

Whatever you do will no have impact on the gamestate.

Can we chat freely here?


So, Andres… I think you’re very very likely town, so I’m going to come out and say… I’m town. I just have a survivor-like passive which requires me to avoid day lynch.

Don’t bring this up in thread because I want scum to out themselves at LyLo thinking there’s a survivor in the game. And yes, my flavor adds up to me being survivor.

StarV are you really Survivor? Or just trolling?

Well, that’s answered.

I mean, I called Elli Scum from the first post he made haha so yeah, I’m glad you can see I’m Town.

Basically, I win with town if I make endgame or I’m night killed. If I am lynched, I don’t win with town… It’s an auto-loss for me.

Alright got it. I obviously won’t bring it up.

Also, I think Nanook is Scum and bussed.

He made some comment about how Elli was “outted Scum” and his whole schtick against Seth makes me think he’s just Scum. I also think Seth is Scum funny enough - that last minute defense of Elli was idiotic.

I think Nanook can be scum… but I think Seth is more likely.

Yeah I agree. I would lynch Seth first.