Tarot uPick: Under A Deviant Moon - GAME OVER!

I have read and acknowledged that I’m a goat detective piece hunting mafia this game.

VOTE: pyx

I’m either townreading catspurr or I’m feeling soft spot for newbie again.
I can’t tell which.

smilo, what do you think of the interaction between catspurr and screenplay?

So does this mean you’re reading CHESSKID as Town?

alalala bunch of people I’m comfortable hammering

:mage: a group of people is not called a bunch, it’s called a tribe, village, or possibly a lynching. Yes, a lynching of people. If they’re scum they’re usually called a family.

people are grapes

V 1-4

catspurr: 4 (srceenplay, Judge Mental, Ellibereth, Erika Furudo)
Pyx: 3 (ActionDan, chesskid3, GuyinFreezer)
Ellibereth: 2 (beeboy, chessbaby3)
srceenplay: 1 (smilodon)

Not Voting: 3 (pyx, Alisae, catspurr)

Deadline: March 22 Midnight US Eastern Time

Autolock Timer set to 30 minutes after Day 1 deadline is at the bottom of the thread

With 13 Alive it takes 7 to majority-lynch

can someone explain to me why catpurr wagon is higher?

like even DANNO THE MANNO who is wagoning with me is saying hes SRing Cat and i dont get it.

Like yes dogs are better but cat seems town why do they have basically 5 votes plus beeboy willing to hammer


and if u people hammer it gets randomized so nobody hammer before I confirm is ok thanks

Vote: Chesskid


the pyx wagon is random

I may be bad but I’m not scum
Ba dum tiss

I got a fancy JRPG and I prolly will lurk all game.

Also Ellibereth is a scum fuck so lynch him.

But why, beeboy?

I only know that I know 3 people here from other game places, so some of you I can’t tell if you’re joking or not. Not so much meta but just not knowing people’s communication styles.

Pyx, for instance, I know, therefore not particularly influenced by his wizardly ways.

Day one, the chances of lynching scum are not good.
But someone has to be lynched, so if it is me, fine.
I’m town and I come back as a tree stump.
Not a great power. :roll_eyes:
But yeah, if I am killed, I remain in the game for two days as a tree stump.
I will have no vote, but I can still scum hunt and contribute.
I guess I don’t count as town in the parity count if I am dead, but this early in the game that really shouldn’t matter.

if Pyx is town Judge is scum btw


Why would town reveal this now? You’re 3 votes away from being lynched. Players will take more care near hammer time. Even if you’re lynched D1, why reveal the 2 day stump? Wouldn’t it be better to let scum wonder why you’re not dead for a while?