SoDopeMafia12 - ICONS Thread

You two may converse here as you wish. Any actions either of you may potentially have can not be submitted via this thread. They will not count. You must still pm me for any role related actions or questions.

Yo yo yo, wasssup, Dusky?

If I could ask every person in the game, separately, how many of them would tell me you’re likely town?

Also, what would you say your greatest flaw is when playing scum?

What well the game hasn’t started, so it’s rand lol

Greatest scum flaw is being bad

These responses are not helpful. :unamused:

I know the game hasn’t started. How many would say you’re likely town anyway?

Wow…being bad. Thanks for the insight?

Not trying to sort me out? No questions for me?

The game hasn’t started? Nothing I could ask you is alignment indicative

And likewise for you asking me

Couldn’t disagree more. Game has started. That’s part of why we have these N0 chat spaces: because figuring out can happen even only between two players.

What could you possible draw from a closed set up that hasn’t started yet?

I’m not drawing anything from the setup. I am noticing that you don’t seem to care that we have an opportunity to get to ask each other questions and try to determine whether we’re both town or if one is a wolf. Like…this is the quintessential POINT of having a private non-wolf chat. Why aren’t you taking advantage of the tools we’ve been given?

Because the game hasn’t started yet there’s no content

Before gamestart you can’t talk anything but theory which is nai

…but there IS game. Is here. Is real. Is interactive. You can garner reads.

I am…just at a complete loss here…

Ok, I guess I’ll wait for the game to start.

How can I get reads

Whay are your reads then?

You are closed off and unwilling to engage in almost any way, shape, or form. I don’t know if that’s scummy, as I suppose it’ll depend on other factors, like your experience, but it doesn’t strike me as townie.

What is your experience? # of games? Do you self-rate as good at being town? Scum?

I’m average

If you ask me a proper question I’ll answer lmao

Sorry I just really don’t see the benefit here but I’ve never had a decent scumgame on this site if that answer your question, on other sites I’m decent scum

Cantrip: “Whether I find your actions town or scum is based on your experience.”

Also Cantrip: “So what is your experience?”

Duskfall: “If you ask me a proper question I’ll answer lmao” notably doesn’t answer the direct question about experience