Sky's Jester Nightless: The League of Illusionists [GAME OVER]

do we have to wait for Elli’s response before lynching nm or can we just go ahead and do what we must

Don’t vote until elli responds please

You claimed our role…

NM who are you scumreading

VOTE: NotJester

ELI5 why you’re scumreading us

I’ve been scumreading you for most of the game, not sure why this surprises you

What part of 673 suggests this is a surprise to us? I’m asking you to explain

one of you guys has got to get an avatar

nanook i just iso’d you and don’t really see the argument for scumNJ, just something from the first 20 posts of the game that you’ve clung to, care to explain?

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Just lynch one of us, problem solved

nice, it’s a budget Nathan Fillion


sorry, economy class Nathan Fillion

Fred, can we lynch this ^

He’s insulting our good looks

on the contrary, i thought i was complimenting them.

No we’re supposed to get ourselves lynched remember

It’s basically the same read, that he was trying to appear like the jester, so he wouldn’t get lynched. It’s what I would probably do as scum.

@Ellibereth what’s your scumread, NM? Are you strong enough on him to be lynched if it’s wrong?

So how does this distinguish us from a slot like NotMafia that has literally done nothing but claim jester all game?