Sky's Jester Nightless: The League of Illusionists [GAME OVER]

we have another 3 lynches after this right
seems like it’ll be hard to lose
but as always i’ll definitely do my best

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I think we should lynch Erika > Erika > Erika

Nelly Furtado is not the jester, I am

Guys do you wanna see a magic trick?
Watch as I make this man DISAPPEAR

@Skygazer this is a vote, right?

I think she is on vacation for the long weekend

She’s been on ms

VC 3.4

ErikaFurudo (LYNCH): Andresvmb, Urist, Not_Jester, Nanook
NotMafia (L-3): NotMafia
Urist (L-3): ErikaFurudo

Not Voting: Ellibereth

ErikaFurudo was town.

Andresvmb was the jester. He has sadly passed away.

It is now Day 4. With five alive, it takes three to lynch.


@Ellibereth if NM flips town what’s the plan

We don’t trust clem to bop you if lylo is {elli, clem, nj} and prefer to be lynched before lylo if that’s a possibility

also andres was an impostor we’re the real jester


mrw Erika was town

Shitting bricks (or trying to)?

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I like you

So basically we want to know whether or not you’re scumreading urist if nm flips town

Why would I be lynched?

bc you’re the jester