Sky's Jester Nightless: The League of Illusionists [GAME OVER]

Okay personally I think nm hasn’t done anything AI (although I kind of expect town nm to do something today onwards), it’s more that I townread urist and clem

My impression is that nm plays to get pled every game regardless of alignment so that ~11% of the time he can win as jester and laugh at everyone

Also half our posts being jester memes (which were almost universally considered too jestery to be jester) doesn’t change the other half of our posts being actually trying to gamesolve

also I don’t think surviving early days is really the hard part for scum in nightless? so we probably wouldn’t try to play like jester as scum especially not after a d1 scum lynch, even if other scums might play that way.

~ Fred

Also the post above me was george and this was meant to be a reply to him


Prods tonight.

Sorry I’ve been dropping the ball between school/mental health stuff.

I think it’s just trivially NM, but worst case can we just all agree that urist and nook are town and call it a day.


Oh hey no one is in prod range now

yeah agreed, i have town reads on everyone except nm at this point.
if it isn’t nm then I’m least sure of my nanook read, but my only complaint about nanook is that his read on nj seems shallow and he’s stuck to it for the same reason for a very long time.

VOTE: NotMafia

hoping this is it so that i don’t have to actually scumhunt.

I think I’m good with this and scumElli probably doesn’t benefit much from it. So yeah, seems legit, for now at least.

Fair…but I think there’s also just not been much reason to come off of it.

i don’t mean to sound like your mom or anything but make sure you get enough sleep, it’s more important to your mental health than most people realize.


(Don’t listen to me, sleep is important. I’m just a nutter.)

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I wonder if the 6 hours of sleep a day has something to do with that :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the nutter part came first!

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Nanook I promise I’ll take a harder look at NJ tomorrow if NM is not scum. But I can’t really seriously consider the possibility of my strongest town read as scum while NM is just sitting there.

VOTE: NotMafia

NotMafia was the last scum!

The game is now over, town wins!


guess we should have just followed NM’s advice from the beginning and lynched him

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