Sky's Jester Nightless: The League of Illusionists [GAME OVER]

Nanook I promise I’ll take a harder look at NJ tomorrow if NM is not scum. But I can’t really seriously consider the possibility of my strongest town read as scum while NM is just sitting there.

VOTE: NotMafia

NotMafia was the last scum!

The game is now over, town wins!


guess we should have just followed NM’s advice from the beginning and lynched him

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Sorry for being absent at key moments by the way, and sorry for the votecount errors that occurred.

Yay thanks for the carry guys :wink:

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Erika is third scum

I’m jester pls lunch

Thanks for modding!

thanks <3 yall wanna, out your heads? :o

Thanks for modding!

Lemme know what could have made your life easier. (For easier activity checking Urist made a handy tool and we’re working on integrating that directly into the forum: Prod assistant utility)

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thanks for modding sky!

sorry for the postlynch trolling Elli. awesome carry :stuck_out_tongue:

My main regret about this game is probably not getting to twilight troll on a jester day

who won

Fred = ruru
George = ofrhz