The Magical Morgue (Jester Nightless Dead/Spectator Thread)

Welcome to the dead/spectator thread! Please keep game spoilers in detail tags/spoiler tags.

Game Spoilers
  1. the_worst - Town
  2. Ellibereth - Town
  3. Not_Jester - Town
  4. Nanook - Town
  5. ErikaFurudo - Town
  6. Urist - Town
  7. NotMafia - Mafia
  8. Mantis - Mafia
  9. Andresvmb - Jester

Hi ffery! Do you have any thoughts/reads so far?

Not yet! I should reread and form some. Curious who the heads of the hydra are.

tw knows one

I know both >:)

I honestly do not know which one is Fred and which one is George, though

Big hello to Mantis!

I’m sorry u got Elli’d

Dead ppl shouldn’t like posts :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey! I didn’t like a post … did I??? If I did it was by accident!! Crap? You know how sometimes your thumb hits the button… if you’re on mobile? Maybe I can remove it.

Yeah. There wasn’t really much I could do I think if Elli has me in his sights

Frig what the hell!!! Can a moderate remove that??? That looks terrible. It was honestly an accident.

@fferyllt anyway that like can be removed ??

I don’t think it can be removed, but I’ll see what I can do…

Ya if you dont mind. @fferyllt

I tried but it was too late

hey ffery,

do you think it would do more harm than good to announce “For future reference, dead players should not like posts. Any previous instances of dead players liking posts will go unpunished as they are deemed to be accidental.”

modding is hard

Have players noticed it?

If so, I’d say something neutral, like "I realize that it’s easy to accidentally like posts in Discourse, but please do your best to avoid liking posts in game topics.

“see, even mantis agrees with me, t_w is definitely her scumbuddy.” - Urist, after mantis accidentally liked a Urist post

Given Urist, I think it’s meant in jest. I’d go with something like what I posted above.

Also, doesn’t look like I can remove a like, and since it’s been commented on it shouldn’t be removed anyway.

Either of you may feel free to like my post about not liking comments (post #396) if you’re feeling snarky.

Beyond that, please don’t like any more comments! But no worries for now, in my last game I accidentally liked a vote as the moderator :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya I had no idea… will watch out for it now if reading the thread

I wonder what the jesters plan is here (I looked at spoilers). Act scummy I guess :stuck_out_tongue: