Siege Of Rohan OVER

In the night

The world of men has fallen

@Srceenplay Dies he was Corrupted by Saruman

@Srceenplay reveals to be

You are a lesser son of greater sires

Theoden, King of Rohan - Double Voter


You are a double voter.

Your vote will still be displayed as a single vote during the day. Once a hammer is reached, or the day otherwise ends, your vote will be doubled in the final count. Your second vote can trigger hammers normally.

The game is over




I first want to say, well played everyone. Good job mafia.

I have a few thoughts on the setup and the game for post-game discussion. Please remember unsolicited criticism will not be accepted.

The final 4 - This situation was tricky because town was operating under incomplete information AND under normal circumstances, 2v2 would already have been game over. I don’t think anyone in the game fully understood their win condition at final 4 (even though myself and the dead chat thought it was obvious - with the benefit of full reveal). Srceenplay was the only vote that mattered, and Chesskid was the only winning vote for town because Chesskid was the only mafia who could kill Srceenplay in the night. Srceen was in a really unenviable position because he had the least information, and yet was required to make the decision.

Also at final 4, UFO tried to use his ability against Srceenplay, and correctly guessed his role - Which lead to the reveal of UFO because Srceenplay was at Helms Deep which protected him.

There was a mod error on night 2 that completely changed the outlook of the game. Laserlab targetted Srceenplay, which SHOULD have blocked Esooa’s ability. This mod error was pro town because it basically took UFOFever out of the game, however, the gameplay around it resulted in less / incorrect town information in the form of a Dunya kill which probably doesn’t happen otherwise. So it’s hard to say where the game would have gone if Srceenplay was NOT at Helms Deep. Evil successfully guessed the double voter was Theoden, so UFO would have been able to successfully day-vig him.

I think town was playing really well, all of the wagons on day 2 were on mafia, but I think Elli deserves a lot of props for the suicide job he pulled on day 2 to save his more important team, this also caused a lot of confusion. This isn’t a criticism on town since set up items are hard to read into, but I think people need to be mindful that scum is not built equal in a closed setup, and there are situations where a mafia player actually wants to die.

I think it was interesting how important Chesskid’s role was to mafia, I’m not sure if I would do this again. If I did, I would allow mafia to select their roles so that teams don’t necessarily get screwed right from the start. I think having different power levels is interesting for gameplay, it just very nearly ended in disaster D1 when Chesskid was up for town kill.

I want to experiment more with playstyle choice mechanics such as how to play Grima Wormtongue in this setup. A lot of the pre-game feedback about Grima is that he would be imbalanced, the role ended up not seeing any use, which ties into my previous point.

I think the setup is mafia favored, there were opportunities that mafia could have exploited more drastically. A fake claim on Elli + counterclaim would have been horrible for town since UFO could just shoot them. I am surprised that no one tried to exploit my threat on claims or disregard it… I’m also surprised that UFO didn’t day-vig anyone before day 4.

I liked the N0 marked for death component, I think it gave town a TON of information to work with, but also allows the player marked for death to participate. I’m glad that people actually also read between the lines to find out it was marked for death.

I was really hoping to see Aragorn at work, and I really wanted to use a “They’re taking the hobbits to Isengard” meme, so I’m a bit disappointed those characters died very quickly.

Gimli’s role actually worked really well as an investigative, I don’t think town read into it enough. Basically, Chesskid was confirmed to only ever be mafia if UFO is also mafia. So on day 3 it would have made a TON of sense mechanically to vote UFO. Of course, the incomplete information & the fact that it was last discussed mid-day 1 plays a role there.

I will be hosting another closed theme / closed setup. I’m working on playercount / balance right now.

Here is the full setup for this one:

Full Reveal

Chesskid - Saruman The Wise - Modified KP holder vote stealer

Named Action - Corruption

Once per night, you may corrupt another player, removing them from the game. If the target of Corruption is neighbors with Grima Wormtongue, the Corruption spell will instead act as a vote & role steal, not KP. The spell remains intact so long as Grima remains neighbors with that player.

In the event of a vote steal, the vote cast in the player thread will be null, your vote will be cast privately, overwriting what is in the game thread. This override counts towards hammers. At end of day, the final vote count will show their vote on whichever target you selected.

Ellibereth - Grima Wormtongue, King’s Advisor - Modified Neighborizer

Once per night, including Night 0, you may create a new neighborhood with 1 other player. Whenever you use this ability, you must depart any private chats that you are currently part of (including Isengard). This ability can be used to rejoin Isengard instead.

You may instead of targetting a specific player, target Theoden, King of Rohan.

If at any time, Saruman’s Corruption spell is lifted, your identity will be publicly revealed.

UFO Fever - Ugluk, Uruk Commander - Modified KP holder commuter Day-Vigilante

Named Action - Uruk Attack

On even number nights, including Night 0, you may select a target to kill with your horde of Uruk-hai. On odd nights, you return to Isengard for reinforcements, you cannot be targetted by other abilities. Starting on Night 2, you may skip an Uruk Attack. If you do, your next Uruk Attack action can be against Helms Deep instead of a player. If the garrison at Helms Deep is not prepared for battle (2 or fewer Forces of Good Present), all Forces of Good present are killed.

At any time during the day, you may choose to kill another player by naming their player name & character name, if the combination is a match AND the character is NOT located at Helms Deep, your action is successful. If the combination is NOT a match OR the target is located at Helms Deep, you will lose this ability for the remainder of the game, and your identity will be revealed.

Srceenplay - Theoden, King of Rohan - Double Voter

You are a double voter.

Your vote will still be displayed as a single vote during the day. Once a hammer is reached, or the day otherwise ends, your vote will be doubled in the final count. Your second vote can trigger hammers normally.

Orangeandblack5 - Eomer, Captain of Rohan - Modified Bulletproof

You are immune to Corruption.

Andresvmb - Eowyn, Maiden of Rohan - Modified Bulletproof

You are immune to [color=#FF0000]Uruk Attack[/color].

Nanook - Hama, Captain of the King’s Guard - Modified Rolestopper

Once per night, you must rolestop another player. Any actions targeting that player at Edoras will be blocked.

laserlab - Theodred, Son of the King - Modified Bodyguard Rolestopper

You must select a player to bodyguard, if that player dies at night or during the next day, you will die instead. If the player you are guarding is targetted by a non-lethal ability, you will block the ability. They will be informed that they were blocked by Theodred, you will be informed of which character you blocked.

You may instead of targetting a specific player, target Theoden, King of Rohan.

Dunya - Gandalf The Grey - Modified Neighborizer

Once per night, including N0, you must attempt to recruit another player into the Fellowship of the Ring. If the number of Forces of Evil players in the fs ever exceeds the number of Forces of Good players, the Forces of Good immediately lose the game as the Dark Lord Sauron will be reborn. Not all players are eligible to be recruited into the fs. Once the fs has 3 or more players from the Forces of Good, all players within the fs become immune to **Uruk Attack**s. If all members (3 or more) of the fs are from the Forces of Good, they are also immune to Saruman’s Corruption. Players may leave the fs at any time.

Urist - Aragorn, Isildur’s Heir - Modified Nerfed JOAT

Once per night, you may use one of the following abilities, you must use all abilities before reusing. You cannot target the same player on consecutive nights.

Modified doctor - Select a player, if that player is killed during the night the kill instead acts as marked for death.
Modified Vigilante - Select a player, that player is marked for death.
Modified Governor (used during twilight) - Negate a single hammer vote, the target player has no vote this day.
Modified Bulletproof - You are immune to Uruk Attack

Squirel - Gimli, Son of Gloin - Modified 1-shot Vigilante

On N0 you must select a player whose race is not DWARF. If that player has a lower voting accuracy than you at the end day 2, they will go into exile. This is nullified if you are both members of the Fellowship of the Ring by that time.

You may instead of targetting a specific player, target Legolas, Pointy Eared Elven Princeling.

GTacc - Legolas, Elven Prince - Modified Tracker

Once per night, you may track another player to see if they went to Isengard. No other tracking information will be provided.

Esooa - Gamling The Old - Modified Rolestopper Neighborizer

Once per night, you may invite a player to fall back to Helms Deep, not all players are eligible to take this action. Players may also have constraints that prevent them from taking this action at a specific time. Players garrisoned at Helms Deep are immune to **Uruk Attack**s, if the garrison at Helms Deep ever contains 5 or more players of the Forces of Good and none of the Forces of Evil the game ends in a victory for the Forces of Good.

Setup Notes

N0 Uruk Attacks = Marked for death
Subsequent Uruk Attacks = KP

Rolestopping priority:


Clarification on Hama:

Actions by Grima Wormtongue, Theoden, Theodred, Hama, Eomer, Eowyn, Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas are considered to take place at Edoras by default (Invite to helms deep can change that default)

Actions by Saruman, Ugluk, Gamling, Gandalf are not considered to take place at Edoras

Clarification on Fellowship & Helms Deep:

  • Only Saruman, Gimli, Legolas, Aragorn, Gandalf are eligible to be part of the fs

  • By default, Men of Rohan can go to Helms Deep. This includes Grima Wormtongue, Theoden, Theodred, Hama, Eomer, Eowyn, Gamling (already there)

  • If someone is affected by corruption (vote steal), all characters except Ugluk and Saruman become eligible


oh god why

cool setup tho StarV thanks for hosting

@Ellibereth Can you please release Isengard & Dead PTs

gg all! Nailbiter


This was fun!

I’m pretty sure I completely misplayed my role, but I’m open to feedback

Gg mafia
Thanks for the game star

lmaoooo facts oh my god. To go from 1.5 kills per day average to .5 would have been insta gg

I think it’s hard, but you probably want to somehow engage in a discussion with Orangeandblack about it so that he can clear up what it means if he dies / if he lives without you claiming.

I think even just claiming that you’re the source of the rivalry locks you in as gimli and mafia can just execute you.


Open to feedback btw

StarV is my least favorite person but my favorite setup designer.


i’m open to any and all positive feedback

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So the reason I didn’t try to kill screen earlier was because if I failed then I was told I was “revealed” but I also thought that “revealed” meant “out of the game.” Didn’t want to die and give town another chance the same day to kill Chess.

I also cannot believe Clem correctly pointing out I tried to kill him didn’t go anywhere


Tbf a lot of people don’t like me

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That was a really tough position for town at f4, especially for screen. Killing mafia but its the wrong mafia is always rough.