Welcome to Isengard, the home base for the Forces of Evil in the west. The eye has spoken, you are to aid in Sauron’s great quest to destroy the world of men. Your assignment is to eliminate the peasants of Rohan.


Saruman The Wise - Modified KP holder vote stealer

Named Action - Corruption

Once per night, you may corrupt another player, removing them from the game. If the target of Corruption is neighbors with Grima Wormtongue, the Corruption spell will instead act as a vote & role steal, not KP. The spell remains intact so long as Grima remains neighbors with that player.

In the event of a vote steal, the vote cast in the player thread will be null, your vote will be cast privately, overwriting what is in the game thread. This override counts towards hammers. At end of day, the final vote count will show their vote on whichever target you selected.


Grima Wormtongue, King’s Advisor - Modified Neighborizer

Once per night, including Night 0, you may create a new neighborhood with 1 other player. Whenever you use this ability, you must depart any private chats that you are currently part of (including Isengard). This ability can be used to rejoin Isengard instead.

You may instead of targetting a specific player, target Theoden, King of Rohan.

If at any time, Saruman’s Corruption spell is lifted, your identity will be publicly revealed.


Ugluk, Uruk Commander - Modified KP holder commuter Day-Vigilante


Named Action - Uruk Attack

On even number nights, including Night 0, you may select a target to kill with your horde of Uruk-hai. On odd nights, you return to Isengard for reinforcements, you cannot be targetted by other abilities. Starting on Night 2, you may skip an Uruk Attack. If you do, your next Uruk Attack action can be against Helms Deep instead of a player. If the garrison at Helms Deep is not prepared for battle (2 or fewer Forces of Good Present), all Forces of Good present are killed.

At any time during the day, you may choose to kill another player by naming their player name & character name, if the combination is a match AND the character is NOT located at Helms Deep, your action is successful. If the combination is NOT a match OR the target is located at Helms Deep, you will lose this ability for the remainder of the game, and your identity will be revealed.

Aw man

Can someone explain? Me killing is bad and should always fuck neighbor?

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So I get to maybe kill someone tonight?

@StarV can players removed from the game reenter ever?

In general I will refrain from answering set up questions since it’s a closed set up… So I’ll answer specifically the question.

If a player is successfully removed from the game, there will be a full flip. If there is not a full flip, then they haven’t been removed from the game. Once a player flips, there is no coming back.


@ team who do I kill?

okay boys what character that isn’t obviously evil makes sense as a neighborizer when people ask.

Haldir is kinda a stretch but all I can really think of

Tom Bombadil? Maybe? Or that dude from The Hobbit that was half man-beast thing? But neither of them really fit the Rohan v Isengard theme

Does create neighborhood just mean private chat?

isnt the game just rohan ppl?

@Ellibereth when you form a neighborhood, I will need you to provide a thread name and a header image for the group.

@UFOFever I need your target before 8pm to process before thread opens.

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What should I do?

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Uhh same here. Who do I kill?

If it comes to claims who should I claim?

@StarV provisional order of Kill Nanook unless I can make a real decision lol

@StarV I will remove Andresvmb from the game by corrupting them