Siege Of Rohan OVER


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Edoras, and the Golden Hall of Meduseld. There dwells Théoden, King of Rohan

Win Conditions

The Forces of Good win when all Forces of Evil have been eliminated

The Forces of Evil win when all members of the Forces of Good are dead, or nothing can prevent that outcome.

Setup Details

Day: 48Hrs
Twilight: 0-12Hrs
Night: 24Hrs
Hammers: Active
Expected Length: Variable

Theme: Siege of Rohan
Setup info: Closed Setup
Anti-claim mechanics are harsh


Understanding your role PM is essential to performing in the game. Any questions about your role PM should be sent privately to the mod.

There are many interactions between abilities, most of which, the explanation of precedence & scope is obvious from the role pm. Certain elements are hidden however and will be privately factored in by the host.

Forces of Good


Forces of Evil



Game location, main base for the forces of Forces of Evil


Game Location, main location where actions take place unless otherwise specified

Helms Deep

Game Location, fortress of Rohan

Fellowship of the Ring

Game Location, private


Fellowship of the Ring

Dark Lord Sauron

Ultimate Evil power

Unless Specified

ALL ABILITIES have an implicit unless otherwise specified which would only be present on another player’s ability


Anything a player can perform in game


Role & Alignment

Once per night

Single use action that refreshes every night with the exception of night 0

Including N0

Action is ALSO available on Night 0

On Even/Odd number

Action is only available on the specified days/nights/cycles

you may

Possible action

you must

Required action

you are

Permanent Attribute

removal from the game

Kill action that ends the game for a player, that player will win if their alignment wins the game.


Attribute that is indefinitely active, so long as the conditions of the spell are met.

player name

Player’s name on mafia451

character name

Player’s name in the game. Character names can take the form of “Character Name”, “Character name, Character Attribute” or “Character name the nickname”


Non-Standard role based on a standard role


Kill Power

private chat

Private chats are only explained to the party who originates the private discussion. The nature of the chat Neighbors / Masons is also not public knowledge

At any time during the day

Unlimited day usage


Race attributes are not specified, but are intuitive


Action that the invitee is NOT required to fulfill

Named actions

Named actions are always directly referenced in AT LEAST one other player’s role


Targeted actions will fail


Players with redacted sections to their role pm are not aware of the redacted section’s existence until that section becomes relevant

Attempt to

Actions with a reasonable degree of failure

Return to the game

You will return to the game reprising the same role as before

voting accuracy

Your voting accuracy is determined by a simple mathematical formula [[(correct votes - incorrect votes - 0.5*no votes)/(total votes)]]

Correct voting is seen from the viewpoint of Forces of Good.

fall back to

Move to


Defensive grouping


Before resolving any other actions


Flavored KP

Marked for death

Target will die at the end of the following day

elvish medicine

Flavor, no actual gameplay significance

Sample Roles

Sharku, Warg Rider Captain - Modified day-vigilante

Once per day, you may kill a player who commuted last night. If the target player did NOT commute last night, your identity will be revealed.

Bilbo Baggins - Modified Neighborizer

If you are corrupted, immediately join the Fellowship of the Ring, you count towards the Forces of Evil player count. If this ability is triggered, you cannot leave the Fellowship of the Ring, and cannot be killed during the day unless the spell is lifted.

You are masons with Gandalf the Grey.


Current Stage: Game Over

Remember to be friendly, everyone’s enjoyment of the game is important, not just your own.


All role PMs have been sent, please confirm in your PM that you have received the role PM & complete any N0 actions if applicable.


Night 0 Begins

Day 1 will begin Sunday, May 2nd at 9pm EST

All N0 actions are required before 8pm EST, they will be processed before the opening of the thread at 9pm EST.

Any mandatory actions not received will be randomized, any optional actions not received will be forfeited

Player List


All actions are locked in. Any missing actions are being randomized now.

In the night
Uruk Attack
Uruk-Hai Isengard Theme Song - YouTube


Nanook was found near the river Isen… He’s alive!

He was ambushed by orcs. If we don’t defend our country, Saruman will take it by force. Orcs are roaming freely across our lands… Unchecked, unchallenged, killing at will… Orcs bearing the White Hand of Saruman.

Nanook reveals to be Hama, Captain of the King’s Guard

Day 1 will begin at 9pm EST



Unchecked, Unchallenged. #2021 #killingatwill


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