Role PM: The Rock Groupies (Completely Unoriginal Mafia)

Rock Groupies

Congratulations, smilodon, morph, MetalSonic, you are the Rock Groupies (Neighborhood). Not all is as it seems.

Win Conditions:

  • You win if all threats to the town are eliminated and at least one town-aligned player is alive.


  • Vote
  • Slang: You may speak with other Rock Groupies during Night Phase.
  • Smother: If the majority of the Rock Groupies vote to Smother the same target, the target will die. You cannot do this two nights in a row. The kill flavor is ‘x was smothered to death’. Requires majority vote. (2/3, 2/2, 1/1)

This is your neighborhood thread as well. It is to be used during night phases. Once you’re dead you can’t post here, etc etc.

K this looks fun.

It sounds like we’re masons?

Neighbours. It’s a Neighbourhood.

Like Masons but not.

Look at the wincon. We’re confirmed town to each other.

That sounds kinda masony!

Except you’re actually not. The scum get a second role PM.


Well then, I’ll settle into my pit of paranoia, then.

See role description here:

What does it mean that when I saw the term rock groupies my first thought was of Fraggle Rock?

Smilodon just want to be sure you know this is a hydra - Cabd and I (fferyllt) are playing this game together using our morph the cat account.

Oh ffery confirmed us as town on accident already.


Yes, I knew you were a hydra. :slight_smile:

Confirmed as town… ahh…hahahaha! Haha! Ha.

Interesting that our shared ability is a kill.

I think one of us will be a scum player. That player will need mafia nerves of steel when kill nights come around. I look forward to watching them handle their vote. :smiley:

I wonder if scum have a factional kill. If there are two kills of town players on N1, then we would start day 2 at 4-2 MYLO.

based on tn’s reply to me, I think there are probs 3 neighborhoods.

That makes sense.

Fun fact: Neuterhalf always gets town when he wants scum.

Spayhalf gets scum when she prays for town.

It’s a fun set.

The Chaos Gods don’t let us have what we want. :frowning:

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Okay so morph is confirmed town? Or is ffery good enough to fake a townslip like that?

FMPOV now if anyone is scum in this hood it must be smilodon then, but don’t quote me on this