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There is a small line under the Mafia451 logo, this is kinda a small thing but idk


I didn’t notice this until you pointed it out.

Cannot unsee!

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I think the line is intentional but I can see how it could be unappealing.

As a whole our logo isn’t ideal and part of the coming quarter will be about rebranding. :slight_smile:

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… fuck.

I muted a topic but the blue thing still says “see 1 updated topic” and when I click it, it disappears and nothing else happens

This is a known bug on discourse’s end. Hopefully they fix it soon.

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Awful mobile bug from earlier this year resurfaced.

This is the behavior in question. If anyone else is getting it please let us know. I suspect (hope?) it might be because Key was on an unstable Test theme but we’ll see.

Unless the theme was changed in between the bug happening and me checking a few minutes ago, I think it was just light theme.

In moments like these I wish we had a dislike button.

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i just made a post with only quotes and i got the little pop-up telling me that i can’t have an empty post and it wouldn’t let me post it without putting in the < br > tag

That’s a known issue with discourse I believe

DS is correct - we actaully added in that popup. Discourse doesn’t allow “contentless” posts.

We’ll maybe eventually get around to making it more convenient but I think for now adding in the <br> shouldn’t be too bad. I don’t think empty quoting is too common in practice (and I don’t think it should be either :stuck_out_tongue: ).

@DS hat interference with title editing should be fixed.

yeah looks good

for some reason, the first time I checked after your post tho I got this - which was kinda a hilarious troll

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If only I were clever enough to have done that on purpose.

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the dark theme logo changes sizes when you go from the home page to the thread page

Are you talking about the change from when it goes to including Mafia451 to not?

Yeah exactly. The size is slightly off.