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Splitting this topic out just to be clean organizationally. Some talk about this started in the above link.

tldr we’re debating having a ranked category.
This would not effect the other game categories and would be a self contained thing.

  • 6v2 Mountainous
  • 6v2 Partition Mafia
  • 6v2 Marked for Death

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Would want to show raw winrates and scores based on a modified version of liars club algo.

I think the list of setups would be small and me-approved at the start.

Chess has a ratings/champions for blitz, rapid, classical, correspondence - I think its the same with mafia where different major classes of time commitments should be treated seperately, though we can obviously have an overall combined scores too.

A potential way to make sample size meaningful is to have a system where signing up to play a game usually means playing it twice with the same group of people simultaneously or in a staggered way with some overlap.

and there should be some requirements in terms of replace-out/activity history probably, and maybe experience, idk


I think you guys all said you’d be interested.
I want the setup to be 9 or less ppl. Top candidates in my head are partition or straight 6 v2 nightless.
Suggest other candidates? 2 alignment, game lasts at most 2 weeks each are my main constraints.

I want to get this up and running soon.

@chesskid3 and @Andresvmb is ranked something you guys would want to do?

also for all of you, how does playing multiple games at once with same playerlist and setup feel?

I’m fine with multiple games at once, I did it with beeboy, urist and northsidgal (partition overlap with espionage).

I think Partition and vanilla are good for ranked… I would also include one game mode with power roles though to keep things interesting.

Can we do the epicmafia setups in ranked

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I really hate these setups with no nights fwiw - like im playing it because thats whats here but I really prefer traditional mafia sets

like yeah im in regardless but if we could get 12 people and run a 10:2 mountainous I would appreciate this idea a lot more

I too appreciate the night kill in mafia

I suggested this to Elli; I think there should be about 5 setups rotated through, all open and pretty simple. Partition and mountainous work, but yes, I agree at least some of them should have nightkills as thats an integral part of mafia.

Rotation is going to happen.
I want to have just 1 setup at the start.

  1. We need single setup sample size to be large enough.
  2. The scoring system works best when it’s just one setup.

10-2 mount is fine (the scoring algorithm will account for the non 50/50 ev’s) but I want to start with smaller numbers for obvious reasons.

Also don’t want roles at the start for scoring simplicity.

A candidate that also works for 8 ppl that has a nk component is this:

except without the no lynch option because no lynch is dumb.

Added poll to the OP, vote in it @Ranked.

Also DS the category color for this is gold just for you.

Night Kills are needed I think.

Then vote for marked. :stuck_out_tongue:

Standard NK’s just don’t work with 1) <10 player counts + 2) no special roles + 3) keeping the setup fairly balanced. And I’m going to be stubborn with those for the first setup.

https://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Chosen_Mafia is another option but I think Marked is just better?


@Ellibereth @Ranked thoughts

can i not tag ranked? fuck you elli



@Josh that has no nk either right?
What does it do better than 2v6 mount.