Ranked 5v2

Setup: Mostly Nightless

  • 5 Town Vanillas
  • 2 Mafia Goons
  • Mafia (if alive) get one nightkill after 3 players have died.

How Voting works is outlined here: What is Ranked? - UPDATED

D1 is 72/24, may be reduced to 48/24 as game progresses.

Voting Syntax:
To vote multiple people, separately vote multiple people in your post, e.g.

VOTE: Ellibereth
VOTE: Keychain
VOTE: fferyllt

Note that you can’t only replace one vote - so for example if you want to go from voting Ellibereth and Keychain to voting Ellibereth and fferyllt, you would have to vote both Ellibereth and fferyllt in the post you’re changing votes in.

Please DO NOT vote more people than you’re allowed to, maximum possible votes will be indicated at each day start.

Town Role PM:

Town Vanilla

StarV: Mafia, Goon
Andresvmb: Town, Vanilla
chesskid3: Town, Vanilla
M2H: Mafia, Goon
GTacc: Town, Vanilla
Nanook: Town, Vanilla
JakeTheWolfie: Town, Vanilla





hey where my townies at?

VOTE: Andresvmb
VOTE: chesskid3
VOTE: Nanook

still haven’t made up my mind whether im game-throwing this game or not. i can prob honestly do with .95(.75) and .00(.25) than I can with like .6(.75) and whatever I can win as scum(.25). though from a self-improvement perspective it still seems better to work on my weakness.

in any case im prob not gonna spampost :woman_shrugging:

doesn’t seem to be in my long-term interests, appreciated, or particularly necessary to be read correctly.

VOTE: Andresvmb

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im guessing this is your way of saying that I shouldn’t gamethrow?

M2 is a locked vote tbh

Other than that I’ll sheep chess!

sounds like a good idea!

Who thought this voting system was a good idea?

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My reads are on fire, mafia beware.

In mafia 451, we want PoE players to be awarded.

What is the definition of PoE

It is a pool of mafia

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I already have a winning poe

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then lay your votes down

think the new system rewards ppl that get it right first? idk i didnt really read about the influence score because i have no influence anyways

Gtacc are you Mafia again