Ranked 5v2

Sorry man, not carrying your ass, you have higher ELO than me.

What the hell is this.

elo got reset? plus like I said I think if people vote with you you get more elo bc of influence or something.

idk im prob not the guy to ask about the nuances of the ranking system because tbh I don’t really care that much. if I play a good game it should work out that I get a high score. If I don’t get a high score playing a strong game, the ranked system is prob not worth putting much stock in.

Can somebody just clarify how many players die every day in this setup?


Maybe I’m not making myself clear - so, if 1 player, any player, votes 4 people, then at least those 4 players will exit the game on D1?

1 to 4

No, people with the most votes at EoD die. If tied all die.

What your instructions say is that the players with the most votes dies.

Okay so however many players have the most votes, all those players die.


Like right now, StarV and I would be getting executed.

if day ended right now yes

Alright it’ll take some adjustment but just wanted to be sure strategically I know what to do.

order doesn’t matter. Being first and last are equivalently rewarding and punishing

I say we kill four people right off the bat. You gotta risk it for the biscuit, and in this case the biscuit is sweet sweet ELO

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VOTE: Chesskid3

Message me questions instead of posting them here. If anyone misinterprets how things work and gets punished for it that’s on you. :slight_smile:

Okay so the way I understand this is, for players that tend to stick around, our strategy should be to try and vote less players than more, because we will have more information and options as to who to vote in later rounds.