Pirate Ship Mafia

I get to throw someone overboard once, but if they are town then I get overthrown too.

Apparently if scum uses it, they also get thrown overboard if they snipe town.

Votecount as of post #146

Key (1): chesskid3
chesskid3 (1): StarV
DKDK (1): StarV
JakeTheWolfie (1): DoggoPlays
MacDougall (1): DoggoPlays

Not Voting (12): AKoofD, DKDK, Duskfall98, ErikaFurudo, Fatmo, JakeTheWolfie, Key, kimpossible, MacDougall, M_Plus_7, nutella, UFOFever

Day or night action?

Daytime. It also burns up one of the overthrows we get.

Oh no he discovered my secret, I won’t show up unless voted

I don’t see anything in that post to make him super sure town personally, and he says he’s confirmed town all the time so there’s no real need to take him at his word

Btw if anyone really needs a way to iso someone who’s only posted once, you can @user in the search bar and tick “Search this topic” to get all their posts in the topic

Thats a bit shit

StarV is essentially a con artist who’s a complete failure.

I won’t use it for now because I don’t want to be 6 leagues under

Starv is capable of great successes and great flops alike

If town captain miss shoots ever we pretty much just lose right?

Yeah if town captain shoots town we go to 6-5 tomorrow :grimacing:

Btw starv is actually town here for all the newcomers

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I should throw you overboard because of this.

Also, most busted idea:

Multivote, but whoever is 2nd most voted becomes immune to all death for the next day/night cycle.

You think he’s mafia?

If Jake’s role claim is accurate, this is going to be a lot like Chesskid’s mafia game where we have to play perfectly because of anti-town PRs.

Was that the 4-3 setup?

Wait 5-4 that one went on my cv

Wait now I can’t meme? Fuck you Clem