Pokémon Mafia Graveyard

Since there’s two of you now I’ll open this up, let me know what spoilers you want or do not want. My commentary on the game will also be in here

for posterity

I love how rob writes.


As I told Elli, I won’t be revealing the evolved forms of Pokémon that don’t reach that stage, just so that there can be some surprises if it ever happens in other games. It seems like there is some interest in making this a series of sorts


I would play any pokemon game.

Don’t know anything past gen 3 though. xD

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I’m scared to post anything here. Elli might call me scum.


Probably wouldnt do anything past like Crystal version tbh, those characters are recognizable by most people but past that I wouldnt be able to tie moves to them very well

I do love that Rob is trying to use the lore to try and solve even if he is off base because of his assumption that I would use the main team rocket pokemon, which while I was not necessarily attempting to avoid them, I basically just chose what I thought were like 13 of the most recognizable characters and then said okay of these which ones have moves that could be technically linked to a traditional mafia moveset and then crafted the scum team that way - turns out that those that had moves I could shift to scumsets actually seemed to be team rocket-esque pokemon once you dive into the lore - with the exception of one that i put in because hes kinda like the big bad



Scum team was Mew-Two, Meowth, Voltorb, Charizard

also I love giving town traditionally scummy roles



which I did by giving town a silencer and a randomizer

i really like this game so far

definitely expect a much more in-depth Pokemon Mafia 2 - the concept has proven viable

Pokemon Mafia 2 will likely have more exp evolutions (spoiler)


There is only one exp evolution this game - Magikarp->Gyrados and it is the entirety of Magikarp’s role.

rob is killin it rn - my new fav player

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Also I will check who claimed that they need the stones when I get back home. And if you are gonna lie, don’t because I may have a flavorcop to check if you need the stones or not.

And if I’m really that, my first check is StarV and yes he need stone"

hilarious fakeclaim by gtacc

star v is silenced and actually does not need a stone but star v cant dispute that and gtacc needs to get to day 3 to evolve

MS ftr I know you’re town but I don’t think you’re being obvtown or playing super well zzz.

If they post a few more times a thunderstone is about to drop

And Andres can use a thunderstone

always lynched right before stone :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome MS, thanks for playing