Pirate Ship Mafia

if I’m dead, if jake is dead, and there’s no agreed upon elected captain, nutella is captain.

Yes but what’s the point what’s Captain do?

we don’t know, @Nanook didn’t tell us

That’s why I’m asking :man_facepalming:

maybe jake knows?

i mean hopefully

ask nanook, or maaaybe even jake. but if first mate doesn’t know wut captain does, I doubt second mate nutella does x.x

wait so did we win or what?

5 mafia eh

Captain: JakeTheWolfie
First Mate: Doggoplays
Second Mate: nutella
Quartermaster: kimpossible
Ship’s Surgeon: M_Plus_7

Adds up

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wait what

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It feels great not having to read that other game thing


You were planning on reading the other game?

Seriously, I blame Jake


Can I commit mutiny as a Captain? No? Alright.

If you want I can start a mutiny?

But it would be a mutiny against me

Does the Captain vote require a true majority, or merely a plurality?