Pirate Ship Mafia

Wait omg me too LOL

sooo the people not in this game are the scum who lost g1 …& elli

in the dead chat that wasn’t the dead chat, elli opted to become spoiled which I think yeeted him from this game.

i am not entirely sure though, since that dead chat really wasn’t the dead chat. all I know is he got a spoiled role after chilling there for 24ish hours.

this was in discord, and the deadchat that wasn’t a deadchat included me + elli but no dead scum, and a bunch of social media influencers, like urist.

the late arrival people also had a discord server for the 5 of us.

@Nanook next time put bastard in the title please

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it is tagged nonstandard

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That’s different from bastard!

probably inconsequential now, but last game I bluffed n1/n2 doctor and asked the late arrivals who I should protect. I was trying to die to save Elli from being nightkilled, but I guess scum had two shots anyway :sob:

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should we assume that there’s a third world for this game as well?

I like my final bosses in threes, not twos.

@kimpossible give me the gun please though I never got to cash in my shiny things and am feeling very sad

Side note I’m now on the hunt for treasure if you have treasure please claim and let me take it

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What’s Captain actually do btw

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Actually now that I’m less titled about losing my shiny things it’s actually kind of funny nookie made the game two games to try overcome Elli and chess sweeping the game and we then won too quick for mafia to kill them both

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#nonstandard means it differs a lot from mafia, with such illustrious company as Ask a question mafia OVER, so basically bastard but slightly more polite

If you sign up to a game tagged nonstandard, expect it to be… nonstandard


Are we avoiding saying bastard?

Nah we just reckon it’s not the best word to encode in the tag system lol

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Probably fair lmao


hey what the hell

What’s your role do?

says in the op