Partition Mafia, OVER

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@Andresvmb what that tongue do

Someone count how many times I’ve asked Josh to participate this game please because it’s getting ridiculous just having all my questions to him being ignored.

Actually can someone else just ask all my questions to him and see if he responds? Lmfao

im bad at counting


Group B (2): beeboy, StarV
Group A (1): DS
Group C (1): Andresvmb

Not Voting (4): Urist, chesskid3, northsidegal, Josh

This lowers the vote gavel lagtime!
You can compare it by clicking on the gavel on this post and the gavel on the previous.
I’ll try to get one in every couple hundred.

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So is the game at a standstill because DS is scum or at a standstill because scum are afraid if they keep talking the lynch moves to A?

the former

@northsidegal @beeboy

i’m up for lynching either of the groups that isn’t mine tbh.

i’ll probably just end up voting DS because even if he’s town it’ll be hilarious

Sorry for being away for a bit there. I’ll be back tonight with some thoughts, but I don’t really see much reason for me to move my vote and I still don’t think DS is Scum.




Ugh… What is this game?

I’m not confident on any of my reads other than @beeboy and I can say now it’s because he flipped scum in my other game that is now over where his approach to reads and divulging information were complete opposite… Now, he could just be a good player, I don’t know… But in a game with all you crazies, I have to draw the line somewhere.

Josh seems like super all over the place town. I don’t understand the unvote.

I’m reading a love triangle between Andres - Chesskid - DS and at least one of them is wrong… The other two are probably scum. I don’t know what else to make of these guys.

Throw in the fact that northsidegal hasn’t posted much, but what she had posted indicated that she started reading and she has yet to come back with something… Oh yeah, that little chestnut.

And meanwhile, I can’t tell if Urist’s play is good or bad (town or mafia) because he is probably as confused as I am… For now, I’m going to stick with my vote as is, it is at the very least, the safest option.

I can see the logic of you thinking that I’m partners with DS, but it’s not how I would go about it ideally and I’ll explain why (if I was Scum). If DS is my partner, and I think I can move the vote away from him and onto my group (assuming that we’re both Scum obviously), then surely I might attempt to do that purely because it eliminates more players to do so. However, doing this after having had the sorts of conversations that we’ve clearly had out in the open (were you even point out that we have a “love triangle” with Chess of some sort) and most importantly, when there isn’t really much of a consensus that I’m Scum at all (which is not the case with DS, with several players pointing that DS appears disingenuous), seems rather counterproductive. I mean, I would rather push for DS’ lynch here, get myself some Town cred, and try to stay out of trouble for the next day if I’m Scum. After all, if I’m Scum and I have succeeded in saving DS, and I flip, DS is certain to be next. So why would I bother with this? It’s fair, in that clearly we seem aligned since I am saying that DS is not Scum and DS is not treating me as Scum and all that, but then why would I not push for eliminating the group that doesn’t contain either one of us?

And if I’m partners with Chess, why don’t I just push for DS to be eliminated? That’s clearly the better strategy, no? After all, most people agree that DS is Scum.

All I’m saying is that if I’m Scum with DS or Chess, then I’m not really setting my Team up for success, particularly if I’m Scum with Chess. Again, if I had some confidence that DS could wiggle out of trouble after say we’re (Star and I) both gone, then yeah, fair enough. But Chess? That wouldn’t make sense right?

I’m challenging this line of thinking because I think Star is creating a universe in which if DS flips, and flips Town, then he can push for either one of Chess or me to be next while not having to change his tune at all. Depending on how the groups are organized, I would be very careful with this D2.

And yes, I guess what I’m saying is that I’m suspicious of Star. I originally thought that Star was Town because he was attacking me and I’m in his group. But then the switch onto DS as the first target is just incredibly convenient.

Wait what’s scum wincon

If C is all town is it insta gg? It would be ya?

O ok so theres no quickhammers

But yeah all town C is gg