Partition Mafia, OVER



Continuing the series of taking good mafiascum setups and changing things about them - this concept was introduced by implosion here:


  • 6 Town, 2 Mafia, No Roles.
  • Scum have no nightkill and no daytalk. They DO have nighttalk.
  • Every Night (including N0), the scumteam splits the living players into exactly 3 nonempty groups: A, B, and C. These groups are revealed publicly come day.
  • Players vote on which group (A, B, or C) to eliminate. When a group is eliminated every player in it dies.
  • Town wins when all Mafia are dead and at least one Town is alive. Mafia wins when the amount of Mafia is greater or equal to the amount of Town.

We’re going to try a new day/voting structure to:

  • Guarantee every player gets time to think about and make one substantial post per game day without new content appearing.
  • Lessen relevance of unpleasant deadline scrambles that require time sensitive voting/being online at specific times.

Structure is as follows:

  • 24 hour night
  • 72 hour discussion period. Players may vote
  • Each player has 24 hours to submit a vote and a post. Submissions revealed simultaneously.

Which group is eliminate is decided as follows:

  • If one group receives more votes than the other two in the simultaneous vote phase - that group is eliminated.
  • If there’s a tie in the simultaneous phase, whichever group between the tied groups had the most votes at the end of the discussion period is eliminated.
  • If the above hasn’t resolved all ties, the scumteam decides which tied group is eliminated

Roles sent.
It’s N0.

Group A: @beeboy, @chesskid3, @Josh
Group B: @DS
Group C: @Urist, @northsidegal, @Andresvmb, @StarV

Discussion ends on 2019-03-01T17:00:00Z

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Is this open?

Okay which of you scumfuckers is trying to kill me by putting me by myself

Hey so this is how it seems to me.

If A picks group C with me, both C and A tie and scum has to choose who dies. So obviously that outs scum d1 but also kills like half the game lmfao.

Now with that said.

If any of A kills me, Then they are outnumbered by C in votes and can be wiped out.

If C takes a shot at me, A could vote C with my help and take out C.

Knowing that im town, I dont give a fuck which one of yall actually die because I seriously doubt scum is dumb enough to load up on one team and lose the game in a single phase potentially.

Unless they thought they could just power scum me and I would fuck this up somehow.

Urist and Andres would be bold enough to try and play me into their hand.

I wont be played playas


Mechanically do we always vote A here?

So if there are Three players on A
1 on B
4 on C

If there is scum on A we have either
2 scum) win
1 scum) 4 to 1 Town to Scum Ratio
0 scum) 3 to 2 Town to Scum Ratio

If C shoots A
2 scum) win
1 scum) 3 to 1 Town Ratio
0 Scum) Lose

Hey all! Good to be back.

I disagree that we have to do anything mechanically (as in nuke A). If anything, destroying group C (which I do realize I’m in) is most likely to get Scum. I say that because people are going to be nervous about eliminating the group that would lose them the game if it does not contain Scum. So your bar to voting there will be slightly higher than for the rest, in my opinion.

And yes, I would do be the kind of person to set up a group with only one player. But I can also think of a few people in this game that would set it up that way and have that one player be Scum. And it includes you. So just saying.

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So wait, the partitions don’t have to be equal if possible? Everyone is in the same thread? Idk why, I kind of assumed the partitions would be separate discussions.

I was thinking this was going to be a solvable puzzle and was much looking forward to it :joy:

Well, any thoughts on the setup as is?

I need a bit to review now that I understand it, but I’ll likely have some time during the day at work.

Quick thought: DS is definitely right about @Urist but I don’t know anyone elses playstyles.

DS would 100% put himself by himself as scum, yeah.
I was thinking about this before I got my alignment, and optimal play here for scum is to create a group of 4 and either put 0 or 2 scum in it, depending on how many balls you believe the town to possess.
I’ll post more later during lunch.


VOTE: Group A

DS literally scumclaimed

This is the post