Site Announcements

This topic is for various site updates/announcements.

Leave any comments/questions in the appropriate feedback topic.

  • Gavel symbol in post toolbar shows who is voting who as of which post. @Key made this and is the best.

  • Information symbol in header gives easy navigation access to important events in games and games currently in signups.

  • Button in far left of post composer generates memes. This might be buggy as all hell and some of the pictures make no sense but we won’t be fixing it anytime soon. This feature is … a meme.

  • [*] and [] generates checkboxes.

  • We removed the mobile tab bar for a bit because it was buggy. It’s back and shouldn’t cause any problems anymore.

  • Long-term event for scumhunting game spectators: Spectator Scumhunting League

  • Introductory Banner on the default light theme. Banner currently not present on dark theme.

  • You can see all participants of a PM in the message list even when they haven’t replied yet.

  • Updated introductory PM for new signups

  • Introductory Category with site information


I’ll be adding anyone on site with >100 posts or played/hosted a game to completion (as of the time of writing) to an Alpha User group.

Thanks so much for supporting the site until now - we’ll figure out what sort of badge/reward/thingy we’ll get you guys soon.

If you think you should be in this group but you’re not (if you’re in the group you should have gotten pinged by this post) - PM me.


An update on the automated vote list:

Topic Creators can now use [votecount][/votecount] tags to lower the vote list load lag.

Previously it would read for all posts between RESET tags, now it reads from the OP’s last posted votecount or last RESET tag.

Formatting must follow these rules:

  • Usernames spelled correctly (case sensitive)
  • Users voting are separated by commas
  • A colon between person being voted on and people voting.
  • People not voting indicated by “Not Voting:”
  • It’s important for ONLY these lines to be between the vc tags.
  • Bolding and other html is fine.

An example:

**Example Votecount**
**Ellibereth (1)**: chesskid3
**Key (1)**: beeboy

**Not Voting (1)**: fferyllt, Ellibereth, Key


Example Votecount

Ellibereth (1): chesskid3
Key (1): beeboy

Not Voting (3): fferyllt, Ellibereth, Key

You can see how this changed the vote list as of this post by clicking on the gavel symbol on this post.
Also - only votecount and reset tags used by the OP will be read by the bot.

Again - the primary purpose of this is to reduce lag time for when there are tons of posts between RESET tags.

We’re working on adding a classic votecount view to the popup - but please note that for it to make sense it will require people to vote with the same username spellings.
(Will post separately when this is a thing - I encourage people to edit other people’s posts to correct their vote spelling if need be)

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Update from @Key and me:

Version 1 of “Classic View” vote counts are up.
To test - click on the gavel!

It requires standardized spellings of votees - I recommend editing people’s posts when they misspell who they’re voting for.

Next step is moving it off the alert to a modal so we can have features that we can’t have now. (links, actually loops, etc.)


We’ve just made some improvements to Classic View on the votecount button:

  • Lines are now ordered from most votes to least votes
  • Votes are now case insensitive (so votes for “Ellibereth” and “ellibereth” will be recognised as the same name)
  • Votes are now also space insensitive (votes for “chesskid3” and “chess kid 3” will be recognized as the same).

  • There’s an unvote button in the composer now. It’s the “undo” symbol next to the gavel. The tag is designed to not include content within it, i.e. [uv][/uv] over [uv]PLAYERNAME[/uv].

  • You can make long posts/segements of posts scrollable now (see this post). To do this: highlight the content you want to make scrollable, click on the gear symbol, click on insert scrollable content. You can also click on the gear/button first and then type out the stuff you want scrollable in between the generated tags.

  • The first step to improving signups is here - There’s now an /in button at the the very top of the topic for all sign up category topics. You can /in, you can /out, you can see who /in’d. This is a (very) incomplete feature - We’ll be making this better over the coming weeks and months. Please do try to use the button! There are no notifications or ways to automatically generate a formatted list of /in’d players yet but that stuff and more is forthcoming.

  • If you hover over the “this topic closes in TIME” auto-topic timer at the bottom of topics you can now see the exact time the topic will close.

Some filler to make this post sufficiently long to scroll.
Some filler to make this post sufficiently long to scroll.
Some filler to make this post sufficiently long to scroll.
Some filler to make this post sufficiently long to scroll.
Some filler to make this post sufficiently long to scroll.

Additional Note:

Until we add the feature - If you’re hosting a game and you want me to post the list of ppl who have used the /in button for your game, @Ellibereth in the signup topic and I can post it. (There’s a fairly easy way for me to get the list but its not publicly available).

Note you can see who /inn’d by clicking on the number and hovering over/clicking on the avatars. The above is to just get a text-list.

The :information_source: button in the header now opens a modal that reflects the contents of this post: Ongoing Games.

@Hosts - please do edit in your games/game days.



If you put a hashtag before a number eg #11, it will be turned into a link to that post if the post exists in the thread.
A couple of things to note: you won’t see the link in the preview window, and it only autolinks when you first create the post (not on editing).

If you’re worried about losing your place, you can open it in a new tab.


This is not a new announcement, just covering a feature we snuck in in June that hosts should be aware of for handling substrings.

The votecounter can accept shortened versions of usernames, like Elli instead of Ellibereth. However this requires a list of players in the OP of the game, surrounded by [alive][/alive] tags. Most hosts already do this to notify players so just chuck the tags around the list and you’re good eg:


That will also automatically correct casing and spaces in the votecount.


Merry Christmas everyone!


Heads up - @Ellibereth has been writing a hosting guide that will go with some updates to the automatic votecounter, we’re just upgrading that at the moment.

This will be in the hosting guide, but main points:

  • [alive] tags are crucial. @ mention all your players between those tags in the OP, and don’t add anything to their names - the votecounter will now only count votes from the players in those tags, so the usernames have to match.
  • [reset] is no longer being used (so completed games using it might look strange at the moment). Instead, @ mention all your living players between [alive] tags as in the OP and that will reset your votecount for you. Most of you are already pinging your players at start of day so just chuck some [alive] tags around that and it should be fine.
  • [votecount] is still available to manually set a votecount in case you need to correct something or increase the response speed.
  • This update includes allowing multiple votes per player, which will be used in the next iteration of ranked games. If you’re playing in a game that doesn’t allow multiple votes, don’t vote multiple times.
  • As always, ping me or @Ellibereth if you have any questions, problems or bugs.

We’ve also got a couple more things we’re working on at the moment: a UI to allow click/tap to vote instead of typing in names, a screen for viewing a user’s history of played games, and a new 3 column design for the site.