Parity Cop 9'er Graveyard

By popular request

Isnt Urist alive?

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josh man why were u givin me shit about softing cop as vt

fuck you made me look

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StarV 1 Elli 0

I think the setup might be even better without role flips (only Town or Mafia flips)

Tbh, if I’m actionDan here I make a case about how Josh probably copped me… Because of the cop shennanigans at the end of the day…

I think this should be a lock win for town though, you copped Dusk and TN I guess?

winning line for dan is to claim josh same copped dan/tn

It’s his only line, I doubt it wins though because how Josh layed out 2 locks.

I mean I think by JOsh’s own post if he had copped tn and dan he would have claimed day 2 no?

I mean, the N1 was clearly on tn… So I wonder who the N0 was… I’m guessing Dusk?

Cheet put it on Chess. That frustrated me.

Dan can win this fairly easily, but I’m not going to explain how.

josh man why were u givin me shit about softing cop as vt

It wasn’t real shit

Just like how I had my StarV vote written out from when I subbed in

just wanted to have some fun

o ok

cuz u frustrated me

I’m surprised that cheet never questioned you because you sifted cop at the start as well no? Or was that purely for meme purposes?

cuz I was thinking about CCing him if he claimed cop there

but then I didn’t want to get bullied for gt

i softed cop all game yeah but got progressively more obvious about it as I got more frustrated with the game not lynching you LOL

If you look at my posts I called you and Dusk lock town immediately cause you’re easy reads

I was never not voting StarV there

I was actively trying to play scummy because I thought if I obv towned there I’d be killed, not you


what were u gonna do if star claimed cop btw what was the plan