Normal Mafia MAFIA

Until you define “Normal”, I will thusly dismiss your game as “Normal” under my definition.

You get what you signed up for, which is a normal game by my use of the word!

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And until you define it, your definition means diddily shit to me.

@Andresvmb I softed that I’m scum in the main thread in hopes that i can draw out the lone wolf. If any town catches it, I’ll claim that I was trying to draw out the mafia into secretly claiming so I could out them.

It doesn’t matter - you’re already going to die hahaha

If you throw me under the bus, I will never forgive you. I will make playing with me hell for you in any and all future games, this site and others.

You have already been given the Elli kiss of death, and you have the most votes on by far.

It actually doesn’t matter what I do I’ll be found out eventually.

Please keep in mind that this rule applies to scum chat as well

Banana is our lost wolf

Lemme know if you want to make that an official guess!

Can there be multiple masonries?

It’s possible!

(In reality no there’s obviously only one set of masons)

(The answer to town who asks is just that it’s possible)

Don’t abuse the mod

Jake has died, no more talking here

@Andresvmb need your NK and bus targets!

Alright I’ll get on it now.

I would guess that the Lost Wolf is BananaCucho.

I mean if #180 is not a clear sign that they are the Scum then I don’t know what to say.