A Normal Mafia Game

It does not declare that they must necessarily exist.

At least one of every role in the OP is in the game, as is normal!

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Votecount as of post #219

JakeTheWolfie (6): Urist, GTacc, Ellibereth, chesskid3, Srceenplay, StarV
proto (3): GTacc, BananaCucho, JakeTheWolfie
chesskid3 (3): DoggoPlays, BananaCucho, JakeTheWolfie
Kiymali_Pide (2): BananaCucho, JakeTheWolfie
DoggoPlays (1): proto

Not Voting (3): Andresvmb, Kiymali_Pide, naz

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VOTE: jakethewolf

self pres vote

There is 0 reason that you would need to self pres on the Ex-3 wagon. Vote chesskid, or kiymali, or something

Shut it, Nanook. No one asked.

I don’t understand. We want to limit day kill to one person. I want to ensure it isn’t me.

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You want to ensure that the day kill lands squarely on a townie, rather than false mason Elli.

I’m not sure what Elli is doing but if my read is correct Elli is lying but still town.

Don’t do that



So you’d rather execute me, someone who has acted reasonably given my circumstances, rather than Elli, who has literally lied to us all and has yet to backtrack.

Great job town.

I can’t see mafia Elli claiming mason day 1. Seems suicidal

This game is not what i expected to be honest.

VOTE: JakeTheWolfie

VOTE: Kiymali_Pide
VOTE: Ellibereth
VOTE: Doggoplays

Why don’t we just kill all 4 of these

2 scum are there out of the 4. At least

That or lying town, might as well eliminate all liars amirite

Also I may have missed someone but that’s how I remember the claims going down and I cba to re-read in this atrocious stream of posts lol

Missed as in put the wrong person in lol

There were 4 mason claims today right

I didn’t realize that there were 9 confirmed roles in this game or I would have pushed this sooner lol