Normal Mafia MAFIA

This is the mafia chat. Hi.

You know that you have a lost mafia teammate, but you don’t know who they are. Each day you can submit a guess, and if you guess your partner correctly they’ll be added to the chat the following night.

You will make the NK every odd night, and your lost partner will make the kill on even nights.

You have two roles!

The alien:

Each Night, you may target a player. Assuming no interference with your action, all actions used by that player that Night, and all other actions targeted at that player that Night, will be blocked. This is normal.

And the busdriver:

Choose to switch two players each night, any actions effecting the switched players will still take effect, but on the other player. Example: Swap Player A and Player B. Player B is the target of the NK. Player A will die instead. You cannot self target. This is normal.

You may choose which of you receives which role during N0.

In addition, you’re both Godfathers:

If scum, returns the same check as a VT. This is normal.


@JakeTheWolfie you should take Alien, I’ll take Bus Driver. The reality is that I’m more likely to be discovered as Scum here early.

It’s a good thing we’re both Godfather’s, but I have a feeling it’s not going to help tremendously.

@Nanook Can we both use either role interchangably?

Nope, you have to assign one to each. Interchangeable roles are cool and something I’ve been planning on incorporating for awhile, but i haven’t done so yet so they’re not normal!

assignable roles aren’t normal either hhhh

We’ve used assignable roles here before, so it’s fairly normal!

Unless I hear something else very soon, I’m making Jake the Alien and Andres The Godfather!

Jake is the Alien and Andres is the Busdriver!

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Just because it’s used once doesn’t make it normal.

Also, a host that insists their game is normal every step of the way is not normal.

Normal is subjective, and I say this is normal, so it is, from a certain point of view!

Define your term of “Normal”

Normal is subjective, and open to interpretation. Since this is my game, we’re using my interpretation, as is normal!

You just listed 2 attributes that you think “Normal” has, that is not a definition.

It’s a pretty normal response!

It’s not a definition. I asked for a definition. Provide a definition for “Normal”, or don’t be surprised when people use their own definition for “Normal”.

People can use whatever version of normal they want, normal is after all a subjective word, however this game is only subject to adherIng to my sense of normal!

What is your definition of “Normal”? Stop deflecting, it shouldn’t be this difficult.

Normal is as normal does!

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