Normal Mafia MAFIA

NK: Ellibereth.

Swap BananaCucho with Proto.

This needed to happen during the day :stuck_out_tongue:
But I’ll count it, he’s not your lost wolf!

Really? Well keep the rest.

You can make another guess during the day!



(since I wasn’t given a role pm) @Nanook can all 3 mafia be a Godfather?

Jake you’re dead you cant talk here

Then I request that I recieve a private communication line with you. Until then, @Nanook can all 3 mafia be a Godfather?

Welcome to mafia chat, chess

Fucking all Godfather scam

Masons are naz and gtacc

shoot naz

Sorry kiymali not gtacc

I think

Don’t bitch about bussing mr busser

Hahaha I had a feeling it was you. Sorry for being so absent it’s been a tough few days.

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I crumbed scum in my first post btw