Needlessly Complicated Mafia - Postgame

Link me to a game you were mafia in on here.

Wait thats not the game thread and I wasnt mafia in thay one

GTacc is bad. i don’t see a wold where his iso is a town one tbh.

Ranked 5v2 this is a good örnek town game for me here

Doggo, Proto pls, I’m too young to die

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You and me both.

Proto is basically intentionally killing town.

The game result is just down to mechanics at this point

Are you open wolfing?

You probably don’t even die cos you obv lied about ethers at some stage. Nobody would use 59 on day 1.

Kill all liars

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NotMafia (6): DoggoPlays, DoggoPlays, DoggoPlays, DoggoPlays, proto, proto
StarV (1): proto

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@NotMafia has been banished. He was TOWN.
@StarV has been banished. He was TOWN.


I’ve sent out all the cards for N2 and updated the OP of your role PMs. Let me know ASAP if there are any problems / questions.

Night two ends: 2020-07-20T15:30:00Z

@GTacc has been killed. He was TOWN.

@chesskid3 has 1 vote.
@JakeTheWolfie has 1 vote.
@proto has 0 votes.
@dunya has 2 votes.
@Andresvmb has 0 votes.
@DoggoPlays has 0 votes.

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Not Voting (4): chesskid3, JakeTheWolfie, dunya, dunya

47 Solar Credits were spent, so day length is 27:25:21.

oh shit, that was a crazy kill, thanks for taking away my tinfoil. i’m really disappointed in myself now because i roleblocked gtacc, even though it was a coinflip between him and dogoo. rip

so why isn’t jake and doggo the last 2?

also weird they didn’t go for anders tbh. now i feel i may have been pocketed… :o

also rip @GTacc

the funny thing is, i only read your links after i sent in my night action and i was like hmmmmmm hmmmmm. but it had past deadline to change. so i just prayed. too bad.

anyway, you can go study now.