Chesskid IPick 2 - Chesskid Tries Version [N players]

N players , possibly bastard.

There will be a pregame survey to help determine roles which @urist will write

And has written

Fill out with your in responses will have impact on the game and will be public from game start

IPick, but you also choose allignments

We did that on vm one night and it worked surprisingly well (by which I mean we killed obvious mafia elli)

I can write the survey

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Real bastard game: Say the game has bastard mechanics, including mod picked alignments, but none of it is true.


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Will send it to you for review tonight

U insrist?

I wouldn’t consider mod-picked alignments bastard tbh

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yeah there’s likely more than this

Isn’t every chess game a bastard’s game by definition? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Nanook keep talking like this and its your turn to have a public role PM

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It’s ok they still won’t kill me

Also you’re proving my point


Need more ppl

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Yeah the size of the tire fire is directly proportional to the number of players

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I already know how I’m fucking with Nanook


And by God he’s going to like it