How Ranked Games Work

What is Ranked?

Ranked is our format that we used for rated games and tournaments. It is NOT forum traditional mafia and rewards a particular well defined skill set.

When town, we reward:

  • Winning the game
  • Voting correctly at end of day.
  • Not being lynched
  • Not being voted on by town.

When mafia, we reward:

  • Winning the game
  • Time of last member’s death in a loss.

After each game players are ranked based on their performance and this ranking is what affects your rating and/or advancement in a tournament.

Ranking Details

After each game we do two computations:

  1. A relative rank computation based on concrete actions in game.
  2. A rating calculation based on the relative rank list.

This section will go over 1.

For tournament purposes the mafia (as a team) automatically take the top place when they win and the bottom place when they lose. The rest of this section is only be relevant to town players.

We look at the final vote-count and result of each day.

  • If a town player is voting mafia, they get 2 points.
  • If mafia is lynched, all living town players get 1 point.

At the end of the game we take the percent of points a player got out of total possible for them (3 times the amount of days they were alive) and rank them in order.

Ties are broken by:

  • Percentage of town votes on someone over all the possible town votes on someone for the duration of the game.
  • Sample Size (More possible points)
  • Relative probabilistic difficulty of correct votes.

Beyond that ties are not broken and players will just share the relevant spots.

Rating Details

Town ratings are a function of (setup, player_rating, avg_game_rating, placement, game_result) and Mafia ratings are a function of (setup, player_rating, avg_game_rating, time_of_last_mafia_death). Exact formulas will be posted here later but rating movement will generally observe the following guidelines:

  • Top two spots will never lose rating.
  • In a mafia win with n mafia at most n town players will gain rating
  • Top town in a mafia win gains significantly less than top town in a town win.
  • Lowest town in a town win will not lose significant amounts of rating unless their rating is way above the game average’s.


  • No lynch is not an option
  • Mafia kills are compulsive
  • When deadline hits the player with the most votes dies, if there is a tie the mafia team breaks the tie.
  • Before deadline majority is NOT active until all players have voted at least once. Once all players have voted at least once majority ends the day immediately.
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Note: This is still a WIP and will almost certainly be changed/adjusted. Message me any questions.

Thanks for the feedback today @StarV @Urist @chesskid3 @M2H @GTacc @Key @Nanook - working on implementing some changes. :slight_smile:


Fix incoming. :slight_smile:
Next ranked game will be under a fairly different system, will archive this topic.