MiscPick Mafia Private Topic

hey you’re kinda trending to be over defensive of me
like im not saying you’re doing anything wrong right now just heads up

I am an ic I can do anything I want

people may start doubting and they’ll look back and might dislike things
you should still think before you post

Please stop getting voted

ill try my best

I would have preferred you stayed on gtacc but I’m fine whatever as long as anybody get lynched except us so okay no big deal

i want to look like i have legit solving

it’s good

This is just a stalling and waiting game

Wait till deadline and someone who is not one of us dies = success

btw sky claimed air traffic controller so she may do other things

Vizzy kills impulse. Metal Sonic links Erika Furudo.

Vizzy confirm your action plz

yeah sure

If vizzy’s NK failed due to a hypothetical bulletproof will he be able to act with his day kill the next phase?

no because she will still be turned into eyes

plus this clause:
You may not use this ability if you or your partner has already submitted a kill this phase or the phase before.
means even if it’s blocked or whatever, if a kill was submitted the night before, she cannot daykill.

it will resolve at the end of tomorrow but i wont be able to re-target right?

or does that clause make the ability invalid

yeah ok