MiscPick Mafia Private Topic

also i have a pt with skygazer

@Invisibility pls confirm this action

i’d actually prefer to wait


oh thats nice, please tell me more

in any case, the players i want to usee judging gaze on are the following:


maybe will add more as we ‘wait’

the pt is called “Sky - Vizzy Radio Freq”
her flavor might have something to do with music but im not sure
also the title suggests that she may have multiple pts


this is your chance to manipulate/pocket them

i will do the same with my ‘mentor’ ability

also i asked sky if she was scum and she said that she was the neighborizer
so her role might just be neighborizing

I am just good at this game

I use judging gaze on srceenplay

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I’d accept that, but I just want to raise the fact that we’ll kill screenplay eventually at a set amount of time; maybe rolecopping someone else like impulse would give us more information

As in, if we rolecop impulse, we know what role he has (bulletproof?) then we can decide to kill him OR screenplay tonight (if impulses Role sucks). Conversely, rolecopping screenplay won’t tell us anything about impulses role.

The good thing is, rolecopping screenplay lets us know if we should keep him alive (to call me IC for longer, lol) or kill him ASAP. So yeah, I just want to bring these up. I have no issue with your choice, in fact I support it

Note: the colour grey just signifies that you do not know his alignment.

okay that doesnt seem too much of a threat… we off him later then