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Yeah I was thinking if I should do the kill instead because I’m worried about potential bulletproof but I want you in eyes form so we can rolecop again


fuwahhhhhhh what a looooonggg nightttt

How long more to day start?


:((((((((( no deathing


Is vizzy eyes? I wonder why pyx died instead of impulse… almost thought you changed the kill last minute.

Vizzy is eyes today, yes.

People we can rolecop today:


That is certainly not L-1. And, you should probably use judging gaze early before an accidental hammer, if any DOES happen

oh ok

skygazer can roleblock

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Ask her why she’s townreading nanook so that you look town

i dont really think that it makes sense because she hasnt ever said anything otherwise about it other than her role if that makes sense

wow that sentence is incoherent

why did she claim roleblocker for free?

is she expecting you to draw the conclusion that she roleblocked nanook, therefore he is less likely to be scum? act dumb