MHA Mafia Game Thread - Game Over

This part is kinda just laughable because seth was the host and he was personally fed up with chess that game, and I talked with seth periodically to make sure what I was doing was okay, sooooo

Okay so then let the crowd do it’s work. You make your points and I’ll make mine and at the end of the game we can compare notes.

I’d prefer to compare notes in victory

So stop trying to throw shade on any other wagon and deal

I will let people make up their own minds. You can call it laughable, sure. I think your aggressiveness about mostly trivial points was laughable to begin with. And Chess actually happened to be right and you were Scum. So I still don’t follow.

Stop putting words in my mouth. I am not throwing shade at your wagon - I am clearly indicating why I do not intend to switch my vote. If you convince others to do so, then I’m not going to sit idly by and do nothing - I’ll try and help as best I can.

if you’ve seen my games, then you know this is a cherry pick as my only scum game, ignoring all my town games.

here’s my first game here that I referenced. Mafia 451 Draft

excuse me splintering the town

VOTE: marshal

He’s been very meh this game. Like Jake, he seems uninterested in meeting his normal play standards, and his explanations are rather lackluster. In every other game I’ve played with marshal I have to stop myself from scumreading him bc of his aggressive attitude and play style, and this apparent neutrality is concerning.

I didn’t format it right what

We weren’t even in the same actual game there. We didn’t interact at all. You are like pointing out that I sucked the one game and making it a point about how I perceived you when you were Scum. And what is wrong about pointing out what you did as Scum in the past and seeing how it compares?

[v ] [/v ] no spaces

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VOTE: marshal

There we go I found it

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Look at that beautiful distribution. Town at its very best.

marshall not a bad pick :nod:

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Votecount as of post #1199

GoalkeeperBoss (6): ErikaFurudo, Andresvmb, deadbananas, Srceenplay, Firekitten, Seththeking
DeadBananas (3): Arete, Marshal, GTacc
Andresvmb (1): GoalkeeperBoss
Firekitten (1): DoggoPlays
orangeandblack5 (1): clonedcheese
GTacc (1): orangeandblack5
marshal (1): darth_tabor

Not Voting (3): EricKline, snowmaninblack, JakeTheWolfie

Okay fellas here we go, didn’t think this wagon would stick tbh so I feel like I don’t have very many options here. I’m fumikage tokoyami, your class alignment cop backup. Once another cop dies, I can send out my shadow thingy to investigate other people and get a result back. I get the alignment back as a result unless blocked. From reading my card, I think the reason my role is Acop backup is because this fool can’t control his shadow very well? That’s the only thing I can think about why I’d be backup

I read back through your iso and I think I was probably just reading too much into your words


we weren’t even in the same actual game there? sorry but I think you’re completely mistaken. I do remember another game that had two simultaneous threads, but the fact that you didn’t even click on the game I linked and didn’t even look at it and assumed it was this different two thread game speaks volumes about your stances right now.

Oof the sarcasm, it hurts

Oh relax. I thought you were talking about Erika’s game (which I’m still embarrassed about). Let me look.