MHA Mafia Game Thread - Game Over

you can’t be serious? have you seen my games or do you just like to cherry pick?

I’ll contribute when it’s manageable for me to do so, I’m never going to self vote or ask to be modkilled. I’m trying to analyze a few posts with more scrutiny but there’s just no way that I can do that for every post in this thread, and it’s sorta pointless to do so on day 1 when it’s practically RVS the entire day, especially when I don’t know the vast majority of you.

If my role power was something godly I’d be more cautious, but it has so many limitations that I have determined I am far from high value to town, especially in these early days.

thanks for the clarification… that’s still something very weird for a player to talk about in the thread, you think most players would just ask the host in their PM.

saying stuff like this makes me incredibly suspect of you. for starters I literally don’t even remember most of the game you linked, but after scrolling through it I do remember that we got into a big fight over one of your posts being worded in a way that had two meanings. but uh I remember much more of my first game on this site, where you and ?screen? were too stubborn to listen to the newer players even though we had a greater scumread accuracy than you by the end. I was equally confrontational that game to you, and was town. Literally the only game on this site where we haven’t butt heads was the most recent signs mafia, in which I didn’t need to particularly engage with you because I could always talk to elli in our mason chat.

Votecount as of post #1120

GoalkeeperBoss (6): ErikaFurudo, Andresvmb, deadbananas, Srceenplay, Firekitten, Seththeking
DeadBananas (3): Arete, Marshal, GTacc
Andresvmb (1): GoalkeeperBoss
Clonedcheese (1): orangeandblack5
Firekitten (1): DoggoPlays
orangeandblack5 (1): clonedcheese

Not Voting (4): EricKline, snowmaninblack, darth_tabor, JakeTheWolfie

Anybody that reads through the game will quickly realize that this is not even the half of it. I don’t have to do it myself. Yes, we fought over this point. But it wasn’t the only thing you fought people about, and Chess specifically called you out on it while voting you. You could acknowledge as much you know?

Please show us the game. You might very well be right - I don’t claim to have Elli-style accuracy. But the vagueness of this makes it difficult to refute or counter.

Literally the only game where we butted heads aggressively was the game I quoted as far as I can remember.

And if you want to be incredibly suspicious of me, by all means, you can waste your time. I won’t stop you.

I have seen your games. How is that a cherry pick? So are you saying that you just always get aggressive?

i think this was his first game here idk

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maybe not

I disagree it’s too big

Also on some of the individual placements but on the whole not too big for D1


There’s around 6 hours left

The current wagons are, I think, going to be helpful

But they aren’t good

I think it’s time we start this because it ought to be inevitable or else I will be sorely disappointed in the rest of you


Ugh that game was a complete shit show from my side. I did reverse my read on Doggo eventually though! In fact it didn’t even take that long. But yeah my strong disagreement with Hannahh made for a total crap game there.

I don’t really have any intention of moving, sorry. I can’t speak for everyone else.

I’m not saying you are incorrect btw. I have some lingering suspicions there. But I just don’t think it makes sense to splinter the Town right now. I don’t know.


wait cloned actually went through and liked all my posts wtf

There’s been so much resistance to GKB that I think the flip will be very instructive. Either way, really. Flipping GTacc will simply not reveal any of the same things. I would also argue that you can sort of place GTacc amongst players depending on this flip, which most people have had the opportunity to comment on.

I highly disagree???

He’s been basically topscum since like post 5

There’s been, what, 3 different attempts to start a competing wagon? Why would you “highly disagree”?

Only one wagon has ever surpassed him and it was Jake

There has been ZERO resistance

Uhm, okay. Well, we’re not going to agree here, so I’m not going to debate this until the end of times.