Matroshka Mafia 8p

N players.

The game will go for 3 real life days during Day 1, with no lynches or night kills or anything, at which point a Russian Doll Maker will be randomly selected from the town players.

This Doll Maker will then have 24 hours to stack all remaining players but himself up in a row, by submitting a list of the remaining players, with

  1. being the innermost and therefore smallest doll and
    N-1. being the biggest doll.

Town wins if BOTH:

  1. There are no consecutive scum in the nesting dolls
  2. The two smallest dolls must both be town.

There will be N/3 rounded down scum, and we will not accept a number of players divisible by 3.

Everyone is a VT or goon to start, and scum will always be able to speak.

will you post pictures of russian things the whole game

Only if you in.

@Tier you understand there is literally one non vanilla role in the entire game correct?

Hahahahaha Tier outted I love it

I’ll be a warm body if you cant fill.

I think it’ll be a good idea to give some explicit TTMTMTMTMT examples for people

Examples, all in a 7 player game. After the Doll weirdo is selected, there are 6 players to place, 4 T and 2 S.

Example 1.

@Tier Tier is selected as the Doll Creep

He goes VOTE: STTTTS and town instantly loses because Scum is in the first spot.

Example 2.

@Ellibereth is selected as the Doll Fucker

He goes VOTE: TTTTSS and town loses because two scum are consecutive

Example 3.

@Josh is selected as the Doll whisperer

He goes VOTE: TTSTTS and town wins because Josh isn’t a rube.

Example 4.

@Andresvmb is selected as the Doll polisher

He goes VOTE: TSTTST and town loses because after the 2nd inner doll, there is a 50% scum ratio.

Example 5.

@StarV is selected as the Doll whiner

He goes VOTE: TTSSTTT and town loses because after the 4th inner doll, there is a 50% scum ratio.

in soviet russia, doll nest in you

less trivial example for this since I think it’ll be what catches ppl up.

im very confuxed at the setup but ill loljoin maybe

(and edit examples into the OP)

I think the EV is like…slightly over 50% for scum if number of players is 3N+1 and slightly townsided with 3N+2

But it creates a different desired playstyle for scum, encouraging clever distancing and that’s what I want to see how it works.

7 or 10 is probably ideal for the first run

@KatyushaGB its russian themed

@Ellibereth emoji

So you’re supposed to actually know who all the Scum are as the Doll whisperer?

Otherwise how do you place them in the exact correct places? Only TTS as a string seems to work.

trust your town reads, or form your associative reads or however you want to do it!

TTTSTS is fine too