Marked for Death (1,1) - OVER

StarV: Town, Vanilla
Josh: Town, Vanilla
chesskid3: Mafia, Goon
Urist: Town, Vanilla
DS: Town, Vanilla
tn5421: Town, Vanilla
Andresvmb: Mafia, Goon
ChadMD: Town, Vanilla

  • 6 Town vs. 2 Mafia

  • Daystart

  • Every night Mafia must poison a living town player. That player is privately informed that they’ve been poisoned and that they will die at the end of the next day.

  • Mafia have nighttalk but no daytalk.

  • Town wins when all mafia are dead, Mafia win when number of living mafia is greater or equal to number of living town

  • 72 hour days, 24 hour nights.

  • If a majority is voted, the day ends immediately and the votee is voted out. If there is no majority at the end of the day, the player with the most votes on them is voted out. If 2 or more players are tied with the most votes, the Mafia get to choose which of them dies.

D1, go!


Deadline: 2019-03-14T22:00:00Z


Stacy deserves better

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I claim ignorance :smiley:



Chad is obviously scum. Only scum would claim ignorance. You know how I know? Cuz I’m not scum. If I were scum I would definitely definitely assure you all that I had NO FUCKING IDEA that claiming ignorance is scummy. But I’m town so I gotta say, it’s scummy. If the rest of you are town too you’ll agree with me, cuz otherwise you’re also claiming ignorance. Like it’s so goddamn obvious how the everliving fuck is this fucking bozo not lynched yet??? It’s a fucking mindboggle! Like who in their right mind would claim ignorance instead of one of the superior rock types, like ummmmmmm I dunno, metamorphic??? This is entirely fucking pathetic and you are all goddamn morons for beliving this idiot. Like Jesus Christ. Ignorance is by far the weakest of the geological categories and you were all just gonna let this guy skate by, claiming it as his favourite. What the actual fuck guys.

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Wow you tried way too hard on that post man

Idk maybe.


Chooo chooo!

Uhm, this post just screams scum trying to hard this isnt what i would expect from you based on playing video mafia with you.

I really don’t like where this is going, the only vote I even like is Urist and Notans Vote.

Even though I said Urist post screams scum that was just sarcasm too his tryhard post. Two votes is enough for a train so Notan addng onto the train as a 3rd when it puts me into L2 seems quite iffy.

is there a reason it’s iffy to you? The standard “hey there’s 7 posts why am I at L-2?” or something else?

From my experience in mafia the starting votes have the highest chance of being town based on scum trying to avoid any sort of spotlight, scum tend to be in the middle of a train or the hammer.

ok ty

So to back up this you’re going to softclaim that someone in the middle (me) is scum while not backing it with a vote until someone else commits?

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Man, I’m glad we’re playing together again. It’s been a while.

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Didn’t you two play together just last week?

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So my read is only valid if I vote you? That seems like a pretty big stretch my friend, you should prob get off your high horse lol.